2013 Spring Temple Japan

Way of Flowers

TUJ OSS coordinated an ikebana workshop to be run by our residence hall. This was held in our Kitazono’s own traditional Japanese room.


Our instructor (left) is a really sweet woman that really just let us go ahead and dive right in. She only speaks Japanese so communicating with her is fun for me because there winds up being a lot of pointing, smiling, nodding and uncertainty. Others that know some Japanese wind up being able to translate pretty decently.

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Laura (center) completed her arrangement in record time, while Jess (right) took her time. Everyone was welcome to work at their own pace. Then our instructor would come around when each student was done and make alterations to improve the look of the arrangement.

This student was working in a separate room to create a really gorgeous arrangement. Her name is Saori and she is very friendly and huggy and later we went to get crepes but the crepe truck we wanted to go to was not there, so instead we shared macha ice cream bars that Jess treated us to because Jess is awesome.
Having some fresh flowers on display really brightened up my desk and boosted my spirits when I was stuck in my room working that following week, At home, my mom always has tons of flowers out so this gave me a small sense of home.

My residence hall held a second ikebana workshop, and a few of us were able to attend that one as well. The instructor had these snacks waiting for us on our desks when we arrived, which was so sweet of her.

IMG_5071resized  IMG_5093resized

The flowers were selected to reflect springtime and we were given the challenge to try and work in a diagonal shape or direction with this arrangement.

Maddie and Jess were giddy at the prospect of welcoming spring in this way.


Flowers were arranged and friendships were made!

IMG_5077resized  IMG_5109resized


There are other girls that have more experience with ikebana that also meet during our workshop time. They’re really nice and friendly. This is an arrangement one of them made. The idea is that all of these individual branches are arranged in such a way that looking from the front, they look like they stem from one branch.

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