2013 Fall Temple Rome Tessa Loftus


One of my favorite times of the year! One of the reasons autumn is my favorite season is because it has my favorite holidays (besides Christmas). Though experiencing fall in Rome is lovely, Halloween and Thanksgiving are not the same (or non-existent) in Rome. Italians celebrate Halloween, but not to the extent of Americans. They don’t have Halloween stores popping up on every corner, and they don’t spend all their time and energy thinking up the perfect costume to show off. I felt so odd getting on the metro and walking down the street last night in my Wednesday Addams costume. The only other people around me that were dressed up were my American friends. It might be different outside of the city, but the only places that seemed to be celebrating too were the American pubs.


First appearance as Wednesday Addams.

It is actually a little odd. My Italian professor told us that Halloween just isn’t a big holiday here. At least it’s just a little lackluster in comparison to America, where we go all out on decoration, costumes and parties. There were decorations in the grocery store, but that was about it. No one mentioned Halloween or what costumes they would wear. I guess I could compare it to Americans going all out and celebrating Labor Day or something. My professor said that children don’t really trick-or-treat either, which is so sad to think about.

On the bright side, Italy celebrates All Saint’s Day, which is right after Halloween. I’m not sure that it’s recognized in America; at least I’ve never even acknowledged it. It takes place on November 1st and 2nd, and is a day to honor all the Saints. I suppose that more has to do with the church than anything else. It would be such a treat to experience a huge celebration specific to Italy, like Germany’s Oktoberfest or American Halloween. However, I haven’t heard about anything really happening this semester, but I can dream.

I also just figured out that another name for All Saint’s Day is All Hallows. So the day before that would be All Hallows Eve, which is another way to say Halloween. EVERYTHING IS STARTING TO MAKE SENSE. Seriously though, it’s so interesting how each culture celebrates a holiday and has its own variations of celebration.

I guess this is a good preparation for Thanksgiving. It was tough enough not being able to celebrate Halloween like I would in America, and I know that it’ll be even more brutal celebrating Thanksgiving. I love the food in Rome, but I don’t think pasta is going to cut it for a holiday celebration.

Despite me having a super American night in Rome, I still had a great time. Everyone recognized who I was supposed to be, which was pretty cool. Someone even said I “killed it” as Wednesday. I hope they were talking about my crafting abilities, and not her insanely dry and morbid personality. It of course ended with me going to the 24 hour bakery down the street from the Vatican. But then again, that’s how most of my nights turn out. You just can’t beat those chocolate filled donuts.


The 24 hour bakery gets a visit from me about 5 times a week.

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