2013 Spring Temple Rome Tessa Loftus

Class Trip to Florence!

One of the greatest aspects of Temple Rome is that the courses include plenty of site visits and class trips. Every week I have two site visits for different classes so I get to see a new part of Rome all the time. For my High Renaissance Art class, we recently took a weekend trip to Florence. It was amazing! Florence was so gorgeous. I wish I could have stayed there longer, but I was still able to see a lot in such a short time.

We got there Friday morning and then that afternoon we went to the Uffizi gallery. Being that close to so many masterpieces was incredible, especially since my professor was able to explain some to the paintings, which made me appreciate it even more. Later that night, we got to go out to dinner with my professor. We went to this amazing place called the Yellow Bar, where they make their own pasta. It was probably one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to. I already wish I could go back.

The next day, our professor took us on a walking tour of Rome in the morning, and then we went to the Duomo in the afternoon. I never expected it to be so huge! I can’t think of any cathedral that is bigger. We also had a surprising amount of free time while in Florence. We got to explore a lot of the city own our own. For lunch, my friends and I ate at a Chinese restaurant. I know, its practically criminal to eat Chinese food while I have such a short amount of time in Italy, but I couldn’t help myself! Getting Chinese food reminded me of home, plus it was so delicious. That night, we had to complete a class assignment, which I didn’t mind, because we got to see Michelangelo’s David. It was completely magnificent. It was so huge and incredibly awe-inspiring just to even gaze upon it. It was clearly the central piece in the Accademia Gallery. After going there, I can see why the David is such an important sculpture in art history. I could go on for hours, but I digress.


My final day in Florence concluded with free time in the morning, where I was able to walk around Florence some more. I found the leather market, which was pretty cool, and then I found the farmer’s market, where I went completely nuts. They had free samples of cheese, pastries, meats, olive oil and wine. Needless to say, I bought A LOT of food there. In the afternoon before our train back, we explored the Medici Chapel. I was no so surprised at this point to find out that it was also incredibly massive. Everything in Florence was huge, and I just wasn’t expecting that.


I was surprised at how touristy Florence was. I’m pretty sure that I have heard more people speak English in Florence than my entire time being in Rome. I still can’t believe that my class trips are this fabulous, I never thought that I would be able to have such a casual weekend class trip to Florence. Temple Rome definitely has an invigorating learning environment.

Everything in Florence was beautiful, it was just like a more compact version of Rome. Rome definitely has my heart, but I definitely gave a little bit of it away to Florence too.


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