Welcome to the official blog about studying abroad through the Temple University Office of Education Abroad & Overseas Campuses.

This blog is written by U.S.-based students spending a summer, semester, or year studying abroad at Temple University’s campus programs in Rome, Tokyo, or Oviedo, or through one of Temple’s exchange and approved external programs in locations around the world.

This blog and its content are administered by Temple University Education Abroad & Overseas Campuses. Students who are accepted to Temple University study abroad programs or approved external programs are invited to apply for storyteller positions.


Our students are encouraged to write authentic posts that showcase their study abroad experience, including the benefits and challenges of study abroad, which may contribute to student growth and the development of our students as global citizens (view our mission). Opinions and advice expressed by students on this blog do not necessarily reflect the views of Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses or Temple University.

Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses encourages students to actively engage in their host communities in a variety of ways; however, we caution students about the potential danger of participating in demonstrations or other events where large crowds gather and create the potential for violence to escalate. We advise that before deciding to go near or participate in a demonstration, students research and make themselves aware of potential safety or legal risks, as well as any pertinent laws about engaging in a demonstration as a visitor.




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