2010 Fall Andrew Muszynski Temple Rome

The Art of Temple Rome.

Wow, I am still digesting the fact that I am here in ROMA, ITALY! It was a long and exhausting flight here, but I finally made it. I was told about “culture shock” and I can now say that I have experienced it. No words can explain the feeling of stepping off of a plane and into a different country with a different language, culture, and way of doing things. I was lacking energy and sleep with jetlag on top of that, so one can imagine how overwhelming everything seemed. However, it didn’t stop the program was starting off with a pizza party that night…and what college student turns down free food? Especially when they have no idea how to buy it in the country they’re in!

Walking with a group of strangers who I had never met before, I finally made it to the Temple Rome building. It was surreal to see this building that I have seen so many pictures of in real life. The location on the Tiber River enhanced this already beautiful building. Upon entering, I was immediately greeted by other students, staff, and food. However, the thing that truly stuck out in my mind was how much art work is incorporated in the building itself. There are paintings on the walls, prints, and sculptures. What a better way to start my semester abroad studying art history and fine art than to experience it first hand in the Temple building? I felt so inspired and ready to get out in the city of Rome and experience art galore with my newly made friends. I also couldn’t wait to step into my first art history class knowing that it was going to be held inside such an amazing building.

The collage of pictures posted below shows some of my favorite art pieces displayed at the school. The top left is a printmaking piece of the school that is displayed in the main walk in area. The detail is amazing and it’s a great piece depicting the architectural beauty of the school. Under that is a picture of one of the art history rooms. It’s so neat to think that you can learn art history while sitting in the middle of four painted walls of Italian landscape. The abstract painting below that is the center piece for the student lounge. It’s an abstract piece with bright colors and lots of energy which serves as the perfect pick-me-up in between classes. On the top right there is a wire sculpture that hangs behind the main staircase which is accompanied by a statue that sits on a pedestal on the staircase incline. So, as I mentioned before, the Temple Rome building is not only a great place to learn and make art, but to experience it and be surrounded by it as well.

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  1. Andrew – so happy that you are in Rome – sounds like you are taking it all in!! I am happy that you are a ‘Temple blogger’ too! Keep up the great work! – MOM

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