2010 Fall Andrew Muszynski Temple Rome

Rome is my Playground

In Philadelphia I tend to find myself bored and frustrated looking for things to do.  I usually end up going out to eat at the same old restaurants and overpaying to see movies.  This problem has not occurred at all since I’ve been in Rome.  There is so much to do to keep myself occupied.  Even going for a walk and randomly turning a corner or walking down an unknown road can lead to the greatest discoveries.

I love parks back home because of their serene beauty and calming effects.  There is a huge park here, the Villa Borghese, and it’s literally a 5 minute walk from Temple Rome.  It is also equipped with free Wi-Fi internet so it’s the perfect spot to relax and work on some homework.  It also has lots of sculptures, fountains, and recreation spots scattered throughout.  My personal favorite is a pond that is home to huge fish, and you can rent a paddle boat and go out into the middle of the water – this is on my to-do list.  Another recreational option is to rent surrey bikes with a group of friends and ride around the many winding paths of the park.

As I mentioned before, sometimes just walking around with friends and making random turns can bring about great discoveries.  This happened to my friends and I the other night when we stumbled across a Gelateria named Giolatta.  Gelato here is the Italian version of ice cream.  It’s so good and delicious.  Ice cream back home is my guilty pleasure, so you can imagine that every time I see a gelateria I feel the need to try it out.  Giolatta was hands down one of the best I’ve had so far here in Rome.  Another place we found and really like is called Old Bridge.  This one is on the cheaper side which makes me happy, and it’s only a short 10-15 minute walk from the Residence!

Another way that Rome is my playground is the fact that I get to go out to some of the world’s most popular destinations whenever I wish.  I can hop on the metro and be at the Coliseum in less than 15 minutes, and walk over to the forum in 5 minutes.  If I want to stop over at the Trevi Fountain, I can get off at the Spanish Step metro stop and walk down the street filled with shops and outdoor restaurants.  Maybe I want to walk along the Tiber River and take in the view of Saint Peter’s basilica while heading to the Pantheon.  There is so much here to explore and see which is why Rome has become my personal playground.  I don’t think you can ever get bored here.

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  1. Roma sounds like an awesome place.. No wonder so many people have told me I “NEED” to go visit you while you are there. YOU enjoy it all..and share it with me when you get back in the states. Love all of the blogs!!

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