2010 Fall Andrew Muszynski Temple Rome

Different Ways of Living in Rome.

Living abroad brings many changes for students, and I have experienced my share of them.  One of the hardest adjustments was getting used to living a new type of way.  “Home” as I knew it was going to be different for the next semester.  If you choose to study abroad at Temple Rome, there are three choices you have accommodations while abroad.

The first choice is renting an apartment on your own.  I know some students who are doing this and they all love it.  The one thing you have to be careful about, though, is what your sources are for finding the apartment while in the United States.  For example, Craigslist is probably not your safest option.  Three students are living in their own apartment just around the corner from the Residence and they found out about the apartment through a Temple housing website.  Their combined rent is the same price to live in the Residence, and split between three people, it saved them a lot of money.  However, they do have to pay for utilities each month, so in the end they will probably spend around the same.  for their housing.  Another group of students have an apartment that is literally three blocks from the Temple Rome building.  Their  neighborhood is very clean and favorable, and from what I have heard, they are in love with the location.

Another option students have is a homestay.  This is when you are assigned to live with an Italian in their home.  I have talked with two students who are enjoying their homestay experience so far here in Rome.  One student is housed with an elderly, widowed, Italian woman and he said he enjoys hearing about her life experiences during their dinners together.  Another student is living with an Italian mother and her two sons.  She said the experience is perfect for her, and she loves using her Italian to talk with them at dinner each night about the day.  If you choose to partake in a homestay it is best to be proficient at basic Italian.  The homestay option gives students the comforts of an Italian home and unique look into how other cultures live day-to-day.

The third option is to live in the Residence Medaglie d’Or, an apartment style complex houses Temple Rome students for the semester.  This is the option I can speak for, since it is the one I am doing.  Temple did a great job with selecting a clean and secure apartment complex for students.  It is located just a few blocks away from markets, stores, and the metro stop.  Also, it has some hotel-like services, like a maid, who cleans the floors, makes the beds, and cleans the bathroom everyday except Sunday.  The rent is added into the tuition bill for the semester and includes the maid service in addition to unlimited utilities like water and electricity, cable television, a laundry room, and wireless internet.  The only thing about living in the Residence is that you are surrounded by program participants 24/7 which may be a positive or negative aspect depending on the type of person you are.  There are, however, random Italian residents scattered throughout the buildings, but I have only run into them a couple times.

Well there you have it.  If you choose to study abroad with Temple Rome there are a few options to choose from for living abroad.  Just remember that where you live is only a small part of the experience…it’s what you do with the time outside in the city with the people and culture that makes up most of your experience.


  1. this blog was very informative for interested future temple study abroad students. Nice job Andrew –

  2. Very informative. I will be studying at temple rome in spring 2012. Can you tell me about the transporation to the school. How long of a walk – how long of a bus or train commute.

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