2010 Fall

2010 Owls Abroad International Photo Contest

Below are the entries in the Owls Abroad category for the 2010 International Photo Contest. Students were asked to share their best shots of  themselves and peers abroad. We are looking for photos that will make others want to study abroad, shots that make a statement about their experience or shows them interacting with the host culture.

Vote for your favorite photo below! Winners will be displayed at the Global Temple Conference on November 16th in the Howard Gittis Student Center, and on the Education Abroad website.

1. On Top of the World

2. Carrying Grass

3. Overlooking Cuzco

4. Brunis Abroad

5. In the Forge

6. Water Yoga

7. What Did the Owl Say to the Koala

8. Osaka Samurai

9. Bike Riding at the Pier

10. Falling

11. Rickshaw Rukus

12. Finishing Touch

13. Lourve Museum

14. Seine River

15. Eiffel Tower

16. Just Another Day

17. Camels

18. Mis Amigos y Yo

19. Barcelona

Cast your vote for your favorite Owls Abroad Photo!


  1. A couple of these are really cool but most are quite ordinary or are not framed well. I’m kind of disappointed that we don’t have more high-quality photos submitted by our students 🙁 Where are all our photojournalist travelers? I know we have a number of you guys at Temple!

  2. Totally agree with Amanda.
    These photos are really average at best.
    #17 is probably the best…but that’s not saying much.

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