2010 Fall Andrew Muszynski Temple Rome

A Day in the Life.

A few weeks ago I overheard my friend talking about her digital photography assignment called “a day in the life” where she had to document her life for a day through her camera.  It got me thinking about this student blog and I decided to do something similar.  So, I chose a random Tuesday to document my day and will be sharing it with you on this blog.  I chose Tuesday because it’s the day I have all four of my classes so you’ll get to journey with me to each of them!  So, here we go.

First, I woke up and had breakfast which is usually Special K.  Hey, don’t judge, I love my cereal and it’s a quick and easy breakfast for those early mornings.  Then at 8:00am I was off to the metro to get the next train to Piazza Barberini so that I could get to the Trevi Fountain.  Yes, I was going to CLASS at the Trevi Fountain.  What a sight to kick start my day, huh?  We had our three hour lecture class around the area near the Trevi fountain and went to SS. Vinvenzo ed Anastasio, Sant’ Andrea al Quirnale, San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, Santa Susanna, and Santa Maria della Vittoria to see the Cornaro Chapel.  So many places to see in my first class…but it’s fun to see what you’re learning about.

After that onsite class it was time to head back to school and have some lunch.  After my quick bite to eat I stopped in the computer lab to get some email’s sent out and check facebook.  Before long it was time to go to Italian class.  We learned how to form the past tense of verbs.  It’s crazy that we are nearing the end of our syllabus so quickly.

Once Italian was finished I headed down to the basement for printmaking class.  We had a critique on our most recent project, the monotype print.  That is the kind of print where you literally draw the image you want into the ink.

For dinner I usually go to the local food market called the Alimentari.  They make fresh sandwiches for you and my favorite is the turkey sandwich… it seems so American but it tastes so good with truly fresh ingredients and vegetables.

At 7:30pm it is time for my last class of the day, Early Renaissance Art History.  We have lecture in class for an hour and a half and then at 9:00pm it’s time to head home.  It may seem crazy that I go all day from 7:00am – 9:00pm but honestly, it goes by really fast.  Then I headed home and went to bed to get ready for another fun filled day in Rome.

And just so you know I’m not kidding, I’ll let you know what I did the next morning.  I got up and went to my Early Art Renaissance on-site lecture at the Villa Borghese Art Gallery.  We saw works by Leonardo Da Vinci and even saw some of Bernini’s masterpieces.  After lecture I had time to run to the art store to get some supplies for a new printmaking assignment.  All in a day in Rome!

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