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Another day, Another week, Another month!

Wow, I can’t BELIEVE February is over!!…It’s CRAZY to think that I’ve been here for just about 2 months. It really feels like it has only been 3 weeks, and that terrifies me because to be honest, I don’t want to leave at all. I do get some concentrated waves of homesickness…sometimes I will think about how pretty and relaxing my house is in the summer or how cozy it is in the winter, or about my DOGGIE Little Louie who I miss SO much!!! (I got to see him for a little via skype the other day!!) or of course when I think about my family and friends.  Like I said before, if I could just give them a hug and then come back it would be perfect. But overall I’m living a dream life here, and I’m scared for when it ends. How could I want it to end when everyday is an adventure? I’m accomplishing (slowly but surely) one of my main goals (becoming fluent in Spanish), meeting awesome and fascinating people all of the time, making international and American friends, having classes that I look forward to going to because I learn SO much everyday with minimal workload (LIKE HOW SCHOOL SHOULD BE!). I eat awesome food everyday, churros con chocolate are practically a staple in my diet because I eat them so often. Who would ever get sick of that? Yesterday I ate  “pulpo” (octopus) tentacles, something I wouldn’t even consider trying if I was at home. But I loved it! It was prepared by my wonderful cook of a host mother, who just happens to be awesome in general. She’s so nice and I always have fun talking with her and her boyfriend Marcos, although usually he is laughing at me and making fun of my Spanish. But, everyday when he comes over I’m able to understand him more and more! He looks so happy every time he says something to me in Spanish and I give him an answer that actually makes sense rather than “¿Qué?” or “¡Dime otra vez!” or “Más despacioooo”. I’m starting to be able to understand him the first time he says something! Yay! I feel like my Spanish is really starting to gain speed, finally. Speaking, of course, is still coming along slowly, but I can understand about 80% of the conversations I hear as I pass by people on my way to and from school, the market, meeting my friends, etc. Yesterday in a café near the university Amy and me were eavesdropping on a group of Spanish students definitely complaining about some other girl, I was so proud how much I could understand because they were talking SO fast! Just as fast or FASTER than how me or my friends would vent about someone we were annoyed with in English!

I’m starting to gain a teeney bit more confidence with speaking. I met both of my Tandem partners (Spanish conversation partners, we talk for a half hour in English and a half hour in Spanish so we both can practice) last week and both are so nice! I went to Gijon, a city on the coast of Asturias to meet Yasmin, one of my partners. She is 19, very pretty and really short! But she’s good at English and we talked a little too much in English, I chickened out a little and resorted to English a little too much. But she brought her friend Hugo who doesn’t know much English. We talk a lot on facebook which is GREAT practice. He told me yesterday that I’m improving a lot!! Yesterday I also met with my other tandem partner, David, for the second time and he told me my speaking has improved a lot since last time we met, which was only a few days ago! I think its because over the weekend I pushed myself a lot to speak with my Spanish friends and my host mom so I gained more confidence with my skills. Confidence really does help a LOT when learning a new language. You have to always be confident in the things that you DO know how to say, and not always make yourself nervous like I do so much.

Anyways, Sunday was really fun, I hung out with Amy and our Spanish friend Pelayo. We played board games at a bar (definitely something I will miss about Spain, all of the bars and cafes have board games! How fun.) and then he took us to quite possibly the BEST churrería I’ve been too!! It was hidden way past the train station so if it wasn’t for him, I never would have discovered it. These churros and chocolates were AMAZING and HUGE! I have to post Amy’s pictures on this blog when she uploads them!

Long story short, I’m praying that time slows down rather than continuing to speed up! The other week our friend Martin had to go home early, and it was so sad. It kind of gave me a little sneak preview of how difficult it’s going to be to let go of  this experience when the program is over. WE MISS YOU MARVIN!!!! HASTA PRONTO AMIGO :]

We miss you Marvin!

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