2011 Spring Australia Erin Shetron External Programs

Aussie Fashion + Uni Events

Australian’s are fashionable. Yes, the U.S. has New York Fashion Week, an event comparable to the crème de la crème fashion shows in Milan, but you’d never know it by looking at the every-day, uninspired apparel of our population. Aussies, along with the huge Asian population here, don’t save the latest styles for the bold fashionistas; everyone takes part.

I have yet to see one person meandering around campus in sweat pants, athletic shorts, Uggs, or an oversized Griffith T-shirt or sweatshirt. And not only is it rare to see people in lounge clothes, it’s rare to see them in just jean shorts and a T-shirt. The students here look good. Let’s start with the shoes. Many of the Asian girls don footwear ranging from kitten-heels to pumps, while the more casual (but still totally trendy) girls rock Doc Martens, hightop Chucks, gladiator sandals, or flats. The guys are all about the slip-on Vans as well as low and high-top Chucks.

Nowthe bottoms: there seems to be a new trend of gypsy-like pants. Yes, leggings are as much a staple here as they are in Philadelphia, but gypsy pants are like the cool older cousin of leggings. I have even seen a sheer pair with little shorts underneath.  The picture to the left is from an Alexander Wang collection, so he must be the inspiration behind the trend. For those who opt for the classic jean short, think 80’s style. They are high-waisted and high-cut, with the behind pockets sitting atop the bum rather than scooping just below it, and the look is “cut-offs” so they don’t have uneven, frayed hems.

Tops: since Brisbane has a tropical climate, Aussies seem to have a pretty loose interpretation of the word “shirt.” They are often cut just above the belly-button or have extra long arm-holes that leave both side panels totally open. Thankfully, the latter shirts are worn with tube tops underneath. Here’s an example of the shorts and a belly-shirt:

Dresses: the major trends in dresses are zippers and geometric, cut-out backs. The more hippie-chic look for dresses tends to be a colorful maxi with the hem knee-length in the front and ankle-length in the back, creating tons of movement in the skirt.

I suppose I left the males out quite a bit in this one. I’ll add that the guys here are definitely channeling the 80’s more than the gals when it comes to jeans. They are definitely lovin’ on the mom jeans and short shorts. Ow ow!

Moving away from my love of fashion, here’s some cool stuff I did last week:

South Bank

1. I went to South Bank with Evan (he has a music class at Griffith’s campus there), finally found a cafe that would make me iced coffee (the barista was Canadian, score!), watched a cute couple and their kids play in the grass and chase birds, watched an old woman walk the cutest doggie ever, took pictures, and read my new book (And The Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks by Burroughs and Kerouac) that I got with my new library card!

2. I attended a dodgeball event where the only thing I dodged was the overwhelming swarms of abnormally large insects. Eek!

3. I attended BK’s 2nd Floor Rubix Cube party,  swapped for all things blue (a t-shirt, a fishnet glove, etc.), searched the whole building for a  friend only to find out she had been next door the whole time, made some friends, had some good conversation, ended up with a white top hat, played flip cup for the first time, and won a couple games of beer pong. I think I have finally mastered partying Aussie-style!

Just a tidbit: Did you know Australians call Americans “yankees” and New Zealanders “kiwis”? I have yet to decide how I feel about this unofficial nickname…

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