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To Eat Out Or Not To Eat Out… That Is The Question

Italy is widely known for its rich, delicious and fresh food. I have in fact caught myself eating what is considering “Italian fast food” pizza, and still thought it tasted incredible. We have also ventured to some more authentic Italian restaurants only to be even more impressed. Dar Poeta’s ricotta cheese and chocolate calzone and Tony’s Chicken Parm in Trastevere have been some of the favorites. We also have enjoyed suppli across the city, cake and fried artichokes from the Jewish Ghetto, and cacio e pepe. Finally of course the gelato never lets us down. Gelateria near Piazza Navona has taken the cake as the favorite with over 70 flavors to choose from.

However amazing this food can all be, we are college students, on a college budget and it’s not that easy to splurge all the time. Although prior to coming to Rome, my cooking skills extended as far as making cereal or perhaps a sandwich when I was feeling adventurous. However, I have now questionably mastered chicken with vegetables, chicken with bread crumbs, chicken with canned vegetables, chicken with salads. Chicken could be considered my specialty. I also managed to find an “exotic food store” that sells peanut butter, my all time favorite food (since when is peanut butter considered exotic). It’s been a great snack to have around the apartment. We also have enjoyed some tomato and mozzarella salad with garlic bread. Maybe one day we’ll figure out the oven but for now I’m pretty happy with our family style cooking. And without question we still splurge on our meals out but it’s nice to know we can make a far less impressive but still delicious meal at home!

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