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Getting Around Town

With so many sites to visit, Rome is prepared to get you everywhere. When it comes to getting around in this ancient city, there are many forms of transportation. The two most popular ways to move around Rome are the metro (subway) and the buses.

There are two lines for the metro: Linea A (Line A) and Linea B (Line B). I happen to take Line A everyday. It’s very convenient- the stop is about a five minute walk from the Residence, and I ride the metro three stops to “Flaminio,” right near Piazza del Popolo. This is the closest stop to school, and in total, it takes me about 25 minutes. Line A also stops near St. Peter’s Square and the Vatican, The Spanish Steps, and the Trevi Fountain. Line B travels mostly in the southern part of Rome, but the two most popular stops are the Colosseum and Termini. Termini is like the 30th Street Station of Rome, and this is the only stop you can transfer from Line A to Line B. The metros come every three minutes, so it’s never a long wait, which is good for when I’m in a rush! Currently, the subway lines are undergoing construction to put in a third line, Linea C. I don’t believe it’ll be completed during my time here, but I’m sure it will make getting around Rome a little simpler!

The buses run in every which way. There are countless different numbers of bus lines, and they’re really convenient for those who don’t want to walk at all. However, sometimes I find myself waiting a long time for the bus to arrive, and find myself getting impatient and eventually walking to the metro. On the other hand, when the buses do arrive more frequently, they can get you around pretty quickly. I prefer the metro, because the trains always arrive quickly and they don’t get tangled up in the Roman traffic of beeping cars and vespas!

Another form of transportation in Rome is the tram. The tram is confined to certain tracks that run above ground, along the cars and buses. I rarely take the tram, because it runs on very specific streets that I do not often travel on a daily basis.

There is a universal ticket that you can use for the metro, bus, and tram. A one-way ticket is one euro, but you can buy a monthly pass for 30 euros. With the monthly pass, you can ride any of these forms of transportation as much as you want and whenever you want all throughout the month. Definitely worth every cent!

Aside from the metro, bus, and tram, there are also taxis. The taxis are separate from the other three, so you can’t use the ticket/pass. They’re private companies, so it’s a bit more expensive. The only time I would take a taxi is at night, when it’s late and I want to get home safely from wherever I am. Also, the public transportation system doesn’t run late on some nights, so in that kind of situation a taxi would be a good option. Aside from spending a little extra money, another downside to the taxis is that they occasionally go on strike!

The last form of transportation in Rome is, of course, walking. Even when it’s really cold, I enjoy walking the streets of Rome. It makes me realize how lucky I am to be studying in such a beautiful city, and I can appreciate every bit even more!

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