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Josh Arnold — A Broke Student’s Study Abroad Story

Greetings, my name is Josh Arnold, Study Abroad Alumni of Temple London, Spring 2011.  I was a recipient of the Lew Klein Excellence in Media Award and the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship to undertake this life changing study, and an important part of the latter scholarship is a “Gilman follow-on project” for the purpose of raising study abroad enthusiasm and awareness.  My project was to complete the following video detailing my study abroad story for that exact purpose – to inspire other students to pursue their dreams of study abroad.

This is the first full video project I’ve ever done from start to finish – I conceived, shot, narrated and edited the entire thing during my time before and after going to England. Originally sparked by the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship fund, without which I would have been unable to study abroad at all, this video details the story of my study abroad experience – an experience I was extremely lucky to be able to have. Through it all, however, the thing I realized most was that I come from nowhere special, my Dad is a plumber, my mom is a cashier at a grocery store – but I dreamed of going to London, I worked hard to make it happen… and it did. I never believed people when they told me there was money out there for people who didn’t have the money to do such things… but there is. Go for it. 🙂


Josh Arnold is a 2012 graduate of Temple University.  He can be reach via email at j.arnold34@yahoo.com


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