2012 Spring Rachel Weisman Temple Rome

TU Rome Student Show

I’ve mentioned in previous posts how hard I’ve been working all semester, and this is the same for all my fellow classmates here at Temple Rome. On Thursday night, we were all able to show off our hard work at the Student Show. Every student who was enrolled in an art or architecture course displayed their work for the rest of the school to see. The show was not only held in the school gallery, but throughout the whole school. The students produced such a large amount of work, that the show went from the basement to the top floor of the building, and every inch of the walls were covered.

I was really impressed with all the work that had been created throughout the course of the semester. The photography classes, both digital and black and white film, had tons of prints covering the walls from top to bottom. There were paintings done in many different mediums, including oil and watercolor, and in many different sizes- some as small as the palm of my hand and others almost as big as the wall! The printmaking classes showed their etchings and lineoleum prints, and downstairs the sculpture students displayed their large variety of work. Upstairs I could see the work of all the Rome sketchbook students, and I could sit and flip through the pages of each student’s individual sketchbook. Also upstairs was the postcard show, where each student in certain classes had to create a painting, drawing, or print on a 5″x7″ piece of paper. This part of the show will actually be coming to the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia later this year!

This semester I was in Painting on Paper, the watercolor course, and Photography I, a black and white film class. I enjoyed each class tremendously, and was very proud of the work I had in the show. I really appreciated the amount of freedom I was given in each class to create whatever I wanted to. Also, both classes took me outside the classroom and into the beautiful city of Rome to paint and to take photographs. Now I have to find a way to bring all my hard work back to America with me!

The student show was a great way to celebrate the last day of classes and the end of the semester. It’s really starting to hit me- I’m leaving Rome a week from today. Next Saturday at this time I’ll be packing up everything I have and saying a final “ciao” to Rome. I can’t believe how fast this semester flew by. This upcoming week, I’ll be very busy studying for my two art history finals, and doing my last sight-seeing. But this is not good-bye yet, my fellow blog readers! Even though I have a lot of studying to do in the week to come, I still plan on blogging at least one more time. I would never take my last week in Rome for granted.

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  1. Looking forward to your last blog. Thank you for keeping me connected.
    If you’re ever couch surfing in the N.E., We have one for you on the Vineyard.
    I’ve been shooting since ’74 and those shots of yours are nice.

    Allen’s Mom

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