2012 Summer Gabrielle Smarr Temple Rome

Positano time.

Another area in Italy that I would say you should not ever miss is Positano. It is incredibly beautiful and amazing. The homes are built into the sides of cliff faces. We saw a road that pretty much just looks like a long pancake supported by some sticks poking out from the side of the mountain. We then realized that we were driving on that road a few hours before. When we got to Positano, we were left off at the top of the cliffs/mountains and we had to walk down with our guides. the streets are so small and the bus couldn’t fit us all down it. It’s a good thing it was somewhat early because the sun was HOT already and there were soooo many stairs. It was amazing though. We wound through little alleys and streets and made our way down. I would love to get lost in this place. For me, it would not take much at all. I’m pretty horrible with directions. I suggest, if you are like me, pairing with someone that is a natural at it. I am VERY lucky to have someone like that. I wouldn’t have lasted my first day here. The town, like many that we’ve been in so far, seemed to have a lot of religious tints to it. Little niches that held frescoes and mosaics, statues here and there. I try to be sneaky when I take pictures of people. I’m not the bravest one in the bunch, I have a hard time walking up to people and saying “can I take your picture”. Especially when they look at me afterwards like I’m an alien because they have no idea what I said. So hip shooting tends to work a little bit better…results just aren’t guaranteed.

Anyway, Positano is great. You walk down through the twists and turns and end at a beach. This is most likely a beach like none you’ve seen before (unless you’ve traveled past the east coast before, or I’m just completely sheltered). There are rocks all over the place. They’re so smooth and round from grinding up on one another in the waves. Also, if you’re like my sister and like sea glass, it’s a really interesting place to find sea glass. All things from the water are rounded and chunky, broken into small pieces because of the weight of the rocks that bully them around. The water is also pretty clear. Another perk of being at this beach. It was nice to swim around…also terrifying. Those jellyfish, man. They get me every time. I’m happy to say that I still did not leave with their puffy red markings though. Not for me.

While we were in Positano, we got a chance to take a boat around and jump off a few cliffs and swim in a cave. It was an interesting thing to do. The whole time I found myself thinking, is this cave going to swallow me alive and spit me out dead? Fortunately…it did not. I also prevailed against the jellyfish..once again. After our big adventure, we ate lunch at a sandwich shop on the beach and it was great. I found a little shop that sold produce and got some strawberries. It must be something about the soil here…I haven’t figured it out yet, but strawberries and tomatoes are delicious. I should warn you..you few people (if any) that read this…that this past weekend was probably the most physical weekend I’ve had in a long time. Swimming against the current in that cave took EVERYTHING out of me. It was hard. I’m also very out of shape compared to what I used to be. It’s sad that I’m only 22 and already sound like a 45 year old mother. But seriously….get rest before you go. Also, while at beaches in Italy, get used to men in tiny bathing suits and women in even tinier ones. People here have tons of confidence. No matter what age.

When we left, we went back to the Hostile. It was called 7 Hostile if anyone is looking to stay in Sorento. It was a decent Hostile, pretty clean although I don’t know the price. But the cool part about it is that it has a roof deck where you can watch the sun go down. And so we did.

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