2012 Summer Gabrielle Smarr Temple Rome

The parrot is actually rabbits.

While I’m on this roll with markets, I need to talk about the one that we stopped to that is on the way to Temple. It was usually closed when we passed it, since we’d be going to school at 7 :45am and getting back at 8:45pm, but when we decided to skip the Vatican line of death and head to the market. Good thing we did, it was one of my favorite things that we did. So many little butchers shops and bakeries. We bought stuff to make lunch and I made one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches EVER. The kids that I work with would be jealous. The colors and the smells switched with every step. So many little Italian butcher men. Red glows coming from all of their refrigerated cases.

Now, these meats are not those that you see in just any old US of A market. No, these were intense. Maybe I’m just not shopping at the right place, but I saw chickens with their heads looking back at me with a few straggling feathers left behind, a few different kinds of stomachs, something that looked like a skinned parrot, all kinds of weird textures and colors. One place we passed had a couple of wild boar heads mounted to the stand. The butcher seemed like the kind of guy I’d like to hang out and listen to in a pub for awhile. One of those interesting guys that has lots of life stories.


The vegetable stands were also very impressive. So bright and colorful. Everything looked so fresh. A lot of them had a fruit or two cut open to show how good it looked inside. And did they look good. We got tomatoes and cherries, grapefruits and strawberries. I still don’t think it beat the strawberries and tomatoes that I got in Positano though. Those tomatoes were the best I’ve ever had. Good stuff.

The market was so nice to look through. I wouldn’t suggest doing it with a group though. I love the people that I’m here with, they’re the best, but there’s something about wondering around on your own and having one on one encounters with the people at the stands. It’s easier to talk to them and find out a little bit about their food, stuff like what they would get. I found it’s much easier to get a smile and a genuine have a nice day when I’m on my own. Maybe I’m just not a group person when I shop. I’m more of a wonderer. I think I get this from my mother. Usually she’s the most frequent thing we have to look for when we go anywhere. It will be interesting when we won’t be able to call her in Rome and Greece in two weeks. Maybe I’ll get a gps tracker to put in her pocket. Just kidding Loie…it would be a good idea though. I think that this was definitely one of my favorites of Rome. I wish we would have discovered its magic a little bit earlier. Beats Carreforr by a loooong shot.

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