2012 Summer Elena Childers Paris Temple Summer

Bonjour de Paris!

Bonjour de Paris! This is an amazing place. I wish I could thoroughly convey my feelings about my 5 days here so far, but I just do not know if that is possible. This place makes you want to grow your arms long enough to be able to hug the entire city. Since the second I set foot on my plane from Pittsburgh this adventure has felt like a dream come true. This is my first blog entry of the trip and I already wish I were writing it completely in French. This blog entry is just the first of many that will be explaining my amazing, once-in-a-lifetime, experience here in Paris, France studying at La Sorbonne.

It begins in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While in the airport my parents are driving me crazy. “Do you have this?! Are you sure you didn’t forget that one thing?! I think we should buy you a new suitcase right now. Maybe I should come with you!” The security line has never felt so relieving. After getting onto the plane I noticed that my ticket was not a direct flight like it was pre-supposed. Instead it said that “changing planes” in a different city is somehow not the same a layover; turns out I had a “plane change” in Charlotte, North Carolina. Nerves would have gotten to me if I had not immediately noticed whom the passenger a few rows in front of me was. It was Nick Vujicic, the actor from an amazing and inspirational short film entitled “The Butterfly Circus.” (Watch it here!-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_MCwlY6zzg) When we arrived to Charlotte, I rushed over to see him in order to exchange a few words with this living legend. I was able to talk with him and get a picture with him. He is a man with no limbs, simply a torso and a head, but what a good head he has on his shoulders.

Everyone knows how awful overnight flights can be, and my next flight, from Charlotte to Paris, was certainly not something I was looking forward to. However, the man seated next to me turned out to be a fitting neighbor! We started talking after he dropped his fork during dinner and it vanished into thin air. He was born in the Philippines, but his mother is from France and his father is from England. Having a French mother, he had an interesting take and connection into the city. He told me all the most beautiful spots to go to in Paris, gave me pointers on French culture and we even talked about punk music. When we got off the plane the airport had lost my luggage and he helped me communicate with the airport officials to get my bag back. We split after leaving the terminal, however we are now Facebook friends.

Exiting the terminal was a little frantic. The airport was packed from wall to wall and we were all rushing through one door with luggage and I was supposed to be meeting someone that I had only met briefly once before. The first person I see outside the terminal was a smiling face waving at me. We waited for the others at their terminals and we all became friends immediately. I would confidently say, even though it has only been 5 days, we are a family now. Entering into Paris was breathtaking. Every building has such history and beauty. Maybe it was the romance language that was filling my head, but I fell in love with the city.

Jetlag was a little rough on me, which made the first day feel like years, but I still never wanted it to end. Everyday here, so far, has made me feel like a giddy teenage girl falling in love. My heart fills with the Parisian more and more each day. I can already tell leaving is going to be heartbreaking. This blog has to come to an end now, but in my next blog I will be writing about my classes at La Sorbonne, the Parisians and other European people I have met and my crazy adventures around Paris.

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  1. I enjoyed every single word about your fantastic arrival to Paris. I’m waiting for more news, please write soon 🙂 I’m sure you are going to have LOTS of great stories to share.

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