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Tapas at Lefty’s

I posted the other day about food in Spain but then I ate at very upscale tapas place last night and so I need to tell you about it. We have had tapas a few times here in Oviedo and in Madrid. We have eaten little pastries filled with a tomato sauce that appeared to have been microwaved, and toast with melted cheese and a slice of tomato, but tonight was nothing like those. The name of the place is La Taberna de Zorda. Which roughly translates to Lefty’s Tavern. Which is a misnomer because the place is the exact opposite of a tavern. Warm wood surfaces with odd angles are the norm for the bar and entrance area. Professor Duran, Jaime, hosted the evening and the other two professors, the two Joses’ came as well. We were taken to the back room which had a table large enough to seat all 19 of us. There was plenty of room on the table for the different plates of food. We started with wine in the bar, and after we were seated were offered a choice of vino tinto or vino blanco, red or white wine. The first course was a golf-ball sized round blob on a bit of jam. It was foie gras or goose liver pate. It had some sweet taste to it, and to add to the strangeness, because eating liver is strange, it was covered in some sort of edible gold leaf. I have waited tables and served foie gras but never have I tasted it. I know what it is, and had I known what I was eating before I tried it, I would have been wary and squeamish. Fortunately I had no idea what it was so I just jumped right into and really enjoyed the taste. I may eat it again, but I’m afraid this may have been the best foie gras I may ever encounter, and I should never try it again for fear it will never be the same. The next course was fried shrimp in a cream sauce with walnuts. Very tender shrimp that just melted in your mouth with virtually no shrimpy taste. I’m guessing they were really fresh. Our next dish was Tandoori Chicken. This dish was a much more understated offering than the usual bright orange colored meal you get at Indian restaurants in the US. It came with a little tapas sized dish of rice. A spoonful of rice and a spoonful of Tandoori chicken. Very tasty and like the color, understated. The next dish was little new potatoes carved into a mug shape, without a handle, and filled with a tiny portion of beef. Over the top was a light cream sauce and the beef was placed in a little bed of some darker sauce. The server was working hard so I didn’t ask what the two sauces were. The final offering was a mushroom risotto which came in a bowl, and a small meatball, about four bites in size, topped with melted cheese and a piece of bacon. It was a little bacon cheeseburger without a bun! We were all pretty full after these so we finished with dessert. Our server brought out bowls of some type of custard with a burnt sugar top, just like crème brûlée with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Everybody avoided the burnt sugar so I got way more than my fair share. Yay! I think tapas are ruined for me now. I’m going to measure all subsequent tapas experiences to this one, and I think I’m going to be disappointed. 🙁

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