Brazil Grace Clements Temple Summer

First week in Brazil!

I woke up this morning, and I realized, in just a few short hours I would be on my plane to Salvador, Brazil.  Needless to say I was freaking out.

It begins with the packing.  Will anyone actually want to play with the UNO cards I brought, or will that just make me look stupid?  How can I convince my mom to let me bring my guitar?  Okay, I will settle for ukulele.  I guess I will have to learn how to play that, along with speaking Portuguese in the next 6 weeks.  Who knows maybe I am a ukulele prodigy?  Will I look like an idiot in my American bikini?  Do I even bother bringing a top?

Step two; I make it to the airport, with just a few tears spared between my mother and I, in between laughing at ourselves for how ridiculous we are.  I found it important to get the airport with much time to spare.  So much so, that I read through every single fashion and music magazine, and even had to resort to magazines about golf, motorcycles, and gardening.  Am I there yet?

More questions, what do people eat for breakfast in Brazil?  Did I take enough Airborne?  Will Brazil’s climate make my hair look stupid?  Did I just see two people at the airport with weed paraphernalia?  I don’t know about chivalry being dead, but discreteness is definitely rolling over in his grave.

I met up with Armando, and we waited at the gate for about 10 minutes before boarding to Miami.  We got there at about 7, and met up with all the others going on the trip.

Before we knew it, it was time to board to Salvador.  I hope I didn’t forget anything, will my passport work?  Is my Visa the right Visa?  Butterflies in my stomach I found my seat next to two 15-year-old Brazilian twins.  They were on their first trip to American visiting Disney world and all of the other flamboyant attractions we have to offer.  I asked them how they liked America and their eyes lit up like fireflies, “Very much”, they said.  We talked as far as we could with my little Portuguese.  They of course had amazing English, and I reminded them many times.  I admire them so much, only 15 years old, in another country, striking up conversation with a complete stranger.  I definitely could not have said the same for my awkward self at that age.  So kudos ladies.

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