2012 Summer Elena Childers Paris Temple Summer

Go Hard or Go Home


            Dear readers, I apologies for the tardiness of this blog. I will be making up for it by writing two RIGHT MEOW! (And OH, is it worth it.) So, This past week was quite fantastic. It is unreal to me that I am down to a week and a half left. Sigh, it breaks my heart. Anyways, this week I visited the Château Chenonceau, ate escargot, went to Montmartre, cried for those who have passed, kissed Oscar Wilde and thanked him, Edith Piaf and Jim Morrison for being alive. AND, I got an awesome grade on my past test and homework. So overall, it was a good week.

The Château Chenonceau was so beautiful! It had the most amazing gardens and towers, all surrounded by a legit moat. When you walked up to the castle entrance there was a wishing well right next to a look out tower that I swear looked exactly like the wishing well that Snow White sings into and the tower she climbs into to hide from the prince. Of course I ran up to it and sang so beautifully (actually, more like shouted like a kraken from the sea), “I’m wishing, for the one I love, to find me, todaaaaaay!!” Also, walking through this magnificent structure was incredible. I could not help but walk holding my dress and feeling like royalty. Another cool fact about this castle is that during 1914-1918 in WWI it aided 2,254 soldiers.

This week was the last week for our sweet ole’ Professor Roget. He treated us to an authentic French dinner and our new professor, Laura Spagnoli, joined us. I felt unstoppable, so I ordered the Escargot. I just would not have been content with myself if I left Paris never trying it. The conclusion was good. I thought it was delicious! It tasted like Calamari, which I love. So I was very content, though if I thought about how I was actually eating snails I kinda would start to get a little queasy, but if you just do not think about it, it is a great meal. Also this week I went with a friend to visit Montmartre. Those who are familiar with the popular movie “Amélie” know that Montmartre is where she lived. It is a breathtaking view of Paris with great street art and street musicians.

While walking up to the top of the magnanimous hill my friend noticed a plaque on a school for boys, “Ecole De Garçons.” It was in French so I had to read it a few times before I understood the entirety of it, but when I did I started to cry. In short it explained that more than 700 young Jewish boys were taken from that school and killed in concentration camps. The history that Paris holds will always be branded on my heart. On perhaps a less morbid note of deaths, I visited Père Lachaise. I kissed the tomb of Oscar Wilde, I sang “La Vie En Rose” with Edith Piaf and danced to “Touch Me” next to Jim Morrison. It felt so right to thank each one of these artists for being alive and influencing my life even in their death.

Experiencing all of this is not only making me a happier person, but I feel changed, in a good way. I feel matured and cultured; I feel like I could do anything. Paris is giving me a better view on life and I cannot wait to spread my love to those who cannot see the light of such self-freedom! Thank you all for enjoying my blog! Tune in next time and hear all about my weekend trip to Amsterdam!! It was Gay Pride week! Things got a little crazy, in a good way. 😉

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