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Try Not To Gorge Yourselves Too Much… We Have a Bumpy Drive Ahead.

Ciao Tutto!

Jen here, reporting on the end of our first week in the Eternal City. When they named it Eternal they weren’t kidding (whoever they are, that is… they were pretty smart) this city seems infinite when you’re trying to find your way around. I’ve been here for 6 days now, I’ve seen some of the most beautiful and historic places. Yet, in doing so I have still not managed to see the Roman staples: The Colosseum, The Vatican, The Trevi Fountain, etc. WELL, that simply will not do! So after the agony of trying to calibrate our laptops with the school’s network ( -__- ) my friends and I set out on an adventure!

Well, honestly our first milestone was a total accident. Around 2 in the morning on Friday night we found ourselves lost. Luckily we had our Kencyclopedia (Everyone needs a personal Kenny when they travel) to herd our scattered flock home. But in the process we made an alarming discovery:

“Is that the Vatican?”

“I don’t know…”

“Let’s go see!”

sure enough, it was! 2 AM, a bunch of college students in an empty square staring straight at the Vatican. It was all lit up like a beacon, as if the pope knew there would be a bunch of lost friends that night. I mean I’m sure it’s lit every night… but I’d like to think the pope thinks I’m special. Unfortunately, I wasn’t carrying my camera so we’ll just have to take a rain check on the visual!

Our second adventure, however, involved a ridiculous amount of pictures. Because it was the TREVI FOUNTAIN!!!

Imagine the clouds parting and angels singing because that’s what I heard.

I feel like Lizzie McGuire!

Or maybe Mary Kate or Ashley?

Actually, I think I’d rather just be Jen in Rome.

Of course we all made wishes, I can’t tell you mine obviously. I came all the way to the Trevi Fountain I want it to come true!

Our third adventure was, yet again, a complete accident. My friends and I had picked a random side street on a gelato mission… Well I’m not sure what everyone else was thinking but I was in search of gelato… as always. Anyway, suddenly someone pointed at a small sign on the side of a building and said, “PANTHEON!?!” … not gonna lie my first thought was “Isn’t that in Greece?” but we went anyway! What a good decision:

I thought this picture was epic enough to portray my excitement!

Our fourth adventure in the last couple days was definitely my favorite. The entire school took a bus trip to the hill top village of Todi in the countryside of Umbria. I think in the meeting the Dean said something like it was voted one of the most beautiful places in the world…. They weren’t kidding.

This place is gorgeous! Its all stone passageways, churches, and cypress… basically a Van Gogh painting in real life.

Check out these hottie historians!

This place seemed completely natural… as if time hasn’t touched it in years.

It was full of adorable shops, I found this adorable owl figurine (I decided I’m an owl collector now, since I am a Temple owl! So if you find any holla at your girl)

A few of us climbed all the way to the top of the bell tower of one of the churches… totally worth the workout.

The last leg of our day trip brought of to the Titignano Castle in Umbria where we all had 9 course dinner with 3 different types of wine. The castle is located on an enormous farm so naturally all of the food and wine was home grown and home made… need I say more?

I think this pretty much sums it up.

However, the bus trip back was 2 hours, virtually un- air conditioned, and through the windy bumpy country side… so obviously we had to use a little caution when stuffing our faces.

Tomorrow classes begin… I forgot I had work to do on this trip! Wish us all Luck!



P.S- If anyone else has photos or stories they’d like to contribute I’d be happy to share! just shoot me an e-mail

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