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We’re All A Little Mad Here


It’s been a big week here at Temple Rome! Not that I had any idea what’s been going on in the real world because I’ve been living in the painting studios all week. For most of the advanced painting students, this week marked our first adult exhibition of our work! But I’ll get to that, because the first big thing that happened this week was, of course, HALLOWEEN!

WHAT an adorable bunny!

Before we could get on to our Halloween Festivities there was work to be done! I’ve been living in the painting studio all week (I feel like Rumpelstiltskin, what year is it?!) and most of the Italian professors, cleverly, assigned quizzes the day after Halloween. I can’t really blame them considering Italians don’t even celebrate Halloween. This Halloween, James and I had to spend a few hours in the basement making a paper mache mold of his arm for our figure modelling class… art school is always interesting.

Of course I did it in true bunny style!

nailed it?

After getting our work done, it was time to celebrate our American tails off (get it? I went as a bunny?…) My gang chose to go see the Rocky Horror Picture Show! Have you ever seen it? It’s quite odd, but entertaining! One definitely must see it with an open mind! There were actually a lot of Temple students there! But we couldn’t stay out too late! There was lots of work to be done in the studio!

Friday Night was also a big night here in my apartment, because Winnie turned 21!!! We had a big potluck dinner with lots of hot wine (best invention ever)

Kenny did NOT like the brussel sprouts.

Then we watched Nightmare Before Christmas which seemed like a pretty good transition from Halloween into Christmas music… yes my roommates and I have been blasting Christmas music ever since!

Happy Birthday Winnie!

Danny was hard at work getting his pieces ready!

So was Jay and our lovely Grad Student/Teaching Assistant/Therapist, Katelyn

After months of hard work, the day rolled around for our first Gallery show! I won’t speak on behalf of everyone else, but for me, this was my first exhibition out of high school. It made me feel like a real artist! We displayed at this really cool venue in Rome called Circolo Degli Artisti.

So. Cool.

But it was a long process to get it looking so cool! We were also displaying work with Rhode Island School of Design and Cornell Students, so my Sunday morning consisted of a lot of people running around, S hooks, ladders, and mild chaos.

Of course one of my pieces (mounted in glass) fell off a chain, luckily I was standing there to catch it. Luckily I had a ton of help to get it together! Sunday night was the actual show opening, I swear it felt like Christmas morning to me! There were tons of people there, including a lot of Temple Students, really cool music, and good food! I have never been more proud to be an art student!

This is our awesome painting professor, Dan Dallman!

Bernadette and Lacey’s work

James is super proud!

Then, In true Temple Fashion, a big dance party erupted with the funky oldies music. I have NEVER been more proud to be a Tyler School of Art student. We completely out-partied every other school, clearly we’re the most fun!

Hopefully things will calm down this week so I can sleep! I need a mental health day!




  1. Jen, Congratulations on your first big art show! I enjoy reading your posts, but I want to see more of your work! I expect my very own showing when you get back to the states for your old high school art teacher. Artfully, Mrs. F

  2. Thanks Mrs. Fornadel!
    Couldn’t have gotten here without you! I’m (evenutally) going to update my website with my new work but for now it’s just my old stuff. It’s <<HOW COOL IS THAT?!?! Miss you! Hope all is well in York!

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