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(Not-so) Monotonous Mondays

And the countdown begins…only 12 more days of classes!  That being said, in all the hustle and bustle of being abroad, I have begun to appreciate my daily Roman experiences so much more.  Thus, this blog entry to devoted to this past Monday’s activities.  To me, the day as a student, tourist, and semi-permanent resident is perfectly mundane, but not so much anymore.  It is interesting how in the beginning, I wanted so badly to settle into a routine because everything was unfamiliar, but now that I have, I desperately want to view my life with fresh eyes so that I may appreciate its uniqueness once again.

Since I only have two classes on Mondays (Italian 1 at 1 PM and Sociology at 6:20 PM), I woke up early this morning to do some grocery shopping at Carrefour.  I know I should go to the Mercato Trionfale since that would be a more “Roman” experience, but I always forget to carry cash with me…haphazard of growing up in a plastic world, I guess.  Mondays are bed sheet and towel changing days, so the maid was in the room by the time I came back to the residence.  She speaks English wonderfully and I always wonder why she is not employed by a hotel or travel agency.  In Italian class, we learned about families so Professor Parisi helped facilitate a discussion in which all seven of us asked and answered questions about our respective families.  It was nice to actually speak in Italian for the majority of the class, though there were many hilarious linguistic mistakes.  During my four-hour break between Italian and Sociology, I wanted to complete my Digital Imaging assignment (self-portraits), but because it had started raining, I got creative indoors.  At first, I was nervous about doing self-portraits since I had never experimented with this method before, but what is learning, if not a limit-challenging adventure?  I basically set my camera on timer around various parts of school and danced in front of the lens.  It was actually a lot of fun and I think I got some great pictures.  What do you think?

Sociology class is at a weird time so I am always hungry afterward, but the discussions that take place during are so interesting they keep my mind off my stomach until the end at 7:50 PM.  This week, we are analyzing good versus bad mafia.  Figo, no?  After class, I hop on the 490 bus back to the residence, where I attempt to cook.  Having grown up in a Chinese household, I only recognize Chinese vegetables and know them by Chinese names.  Thus, throughout the semester, I have done a lot of cooking experimentation as I try to ascertain which vegetables taste good cooked.  So far, nothing too calamitous has befallen my palette.  After dinner, I start my homework for Professor Krizek’s design class that is due the next day.  The assignment is to rank, from most to least important, and explain what characteristics of the design process are most important to a consumer.  As I analyze cost, function, aesthetics, customer service, sustainability, communication, and manufacturing, I realize how much thought must be put into each product, and that makes me appreciate how every little detail in an object has a purpose.  The epiphany is startling; I know from now on, I will be a much smarter consumer because of this design class.  By the time I finish the formula, my attention is waning as the night becomes filled with roommate banter.

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