2012 Fall Jennifer Hall Temple Rome

You Grinch!

Ciao Regazzi!

Coming down off of the Paris high was pretty rough this past week. How do you compare to Paris? I think that means I’m actually starting to feel at home in Rome, it seems boring now. How is that even possible!? No, but Rome will always have a very special place in my heart. As the semester in winding down everyone is in full on study mode… except me. Because I’m an art major and all of my finals were due last week! So no studying for this girl! But last week was definitely not the easiest…


Clearly, our painting professor Dan was super stressed.

On Monday we had to start preparations for the school wide art show. Anyone who has ever participated in a school art show knows my pain when I tell you that they are always completely unorganized chaos. Every artist has their own agenda for their work, every professor has a bunch of artists to oversee, and no one likes climbing ladders and rearranging tables. So first thing Monday morning we started setting up the Advanced Painting room. It was actually a very sad time. I really loved this class and I enjoyed everyone in it.


This is one of my paintings from the show


Jame’s Monotype


Everyone loved the art show!

Sorry, I didn’t do a very good job of documenting the entire art show, there were MANY more artist’s showing than what I showed!

Coincidentally, the day of the art show was also James’ 21st birthday! We had a great time celebrating all day while setting up the show, Christmas caroling, painting walls, and seeing great art! Also, the girls of 104 gave James the coolest Christmas present ever!


A life sized chocolate hammer, duh!

With the art show successfully passed, and my Italian final over (THANK GOD), I pretty much have this week to see whatever I haven’t already. I decided to use it to check out galleries and art museums! So James and I set out on Friday to check out the MACRO museum… Funny story. There are 2 MACRO museums: one in Testaccio and the original.  We wound up first at the one in Testaccio. For anyone who does not know, Testaccio is a very strange area of town. And the museum was closed! What the heck! So we set off to the TOTAL OTHER END OF TOWN to find the real MACRO. It took us a few hours of walking up and down the same street but we eventually found it!


This is a picture of the roof.

The reason my only picture of this museum is the roof is because that is how confusing this place is. We spent  the time trying to find the other half of the museum! I’ll be honest, it was not my favorite museum I’ve seen in Rome so far. But I have a few more coming up this week so hopefully I have better luck!

The 3rd was Alex’s 21st Birthday! Unfortunately it was also the first day of finals so we just went out to a simple dinner.


What a semester it has been!

Best of luck to everyone who still has finals this week!



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