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Last weekend, I came home and, due to the cold, decided to walk through La La Port. While walking through I saw a great deal of people surrounding the little amphitheater outside. When I walk outside I was met with the whooping of boys and men (young adults) coinciding with music. As I get closer I see that there is what looks to be a girl band singing and dancing. They had to be junior high aged girls, and the audience was predominately male. This was quite the spectacle to me, where in the US the audience would most likely be all girls. There was even a poster with each of the girls’ faces on it so that you could pick your favorite member.

This weekend I had a field trip to an art exhibit. I left with lots of extra time because I had gotten lost on my way to the MOT last weekend. I was getting off from a different subway line to where we were going to meet and just had to walk a few blocks. However, I was not quite sure which direction to take. So I first went the wrong way (don’t worry I did end up on time to our meeting spot). While walking this direction I found myself in Harajuku. I have been in Harajuku before (2011), but not since I arrived in Japan. I also found myself passing Omotesando Hills. I had thought this a location, but it is in fact a shopping center. I was very excited by this newfound location. You see, I had read in a blog that in Omotesando Hills there is a café called “Forbidden Fruit Café.” If one walks into the café, goes to the back, and goes down stairs into what seems to be the basement, you will find yourself in “Bed Rock” boutique. This boutique does not advertise itself in magazines or showcase their clothes. You have to know about it through someone to know how to get there. It seemed so mysterious online, and it was on my bucket list of places I wanted to go while in Japan. However, it was not as I expected. It wasn’t as dark as the blog had described it. There was taxidermies and skulls decorated with jewelry, yes, but the atmosphere was not dark. The clothes were very expensive, but super hip and chic. They varied from knits to leathers on racks. The sales personal were really nice, and I had a fun conversation with the lady who had to follow me. It amazes me how I found the shop without really looking for it!

you can't take pictures inside Bed Rock, but this is Forbidden Fruits Cafe from the outside!!!
you can’t take pictures inside Bed Rock, but this is Forbidden Fruits Cafe from the outside 🙂
Nihonga shop!!!!
Nihonga shop!!!!

I interned for an artist in New York who does Nihonga, traditional Japanese painting. In this technique you use minerals mixed with a natural glue to create pigment. My artist drew me a map of his favorite place to go get these pigments. I left with a plan, all my subway stops written down, but left without my map made by him. So when I got off my stop, I didn’t know which way to turn. I asked someone which direction was Tokyo School of Art, because I knew it was close to there, but otherwise was lost. Somehow I was really close. And passed by the shop relatively quickly. I really had thought I was on a totally different street to where I actually was. However I made it, and it was amazing. The pigments ranged all over. Also there was advertisements for different exhibits at the store. I picked up one for the graduate class at the Tokyo School of Art exhibition. The opening was actually that day! So, I went! I wish I would have talked to more people there, but there was so much art to enjoy and absorb! Wow the talent was incredible.


Graduate Art work
Graduate Art work

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