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Thrifting in Shimokitazawa-Planned Stumbling

On Saturday I went to Shimokitazawa with a friend. I had been here my first time in Japan with the same friend. We had been busy that day, loved Shimokitazawa, and planned to come back. It was crazy how we first found ourselves in all the same places we had gone before, but somehow everything seemed turned around. It was different then what I remembered. But I was not disappointed.

Shimokitazawa has lots of thift stores, small shops, vintage clothing, and other fun random things. This is right up my alley. However, in Japan vintage can be expensive, just like, say New York. However, if you spend enough time in the area going to all the upper level stores, and shops behind different buildings which are through alley ways, you can find some great steals. Also if you just go into the expensive places you can find some incredible sales, cheaper then the stores that have generally cheaper prices. I was in search of a large warm scarf. I really wanted one of the plaid ones that I see women engulfed in since coming to Tokyo. I have a scarf, but I had just made it before coming to Japan and didn’t bring my usual one. As it turns out the one I made is too small and not very warm.

We found what I wanted right a way, but decided to keep on looking cause it was too early to buy something. It was good that we did too, cause I found a cheaper one that from a store that had nicer quality ones on sale. Even as we speak I am engulfed in it! I am so happy!

Along with scarf searching we just went into lots of various shops, which carried some really crazy cool vintage stuff, along with random “American vintage” items like Boy Scouts jackets. We also looked at the hip clothes of my favorite titled store in Japan, Womb. Why they named it this, I have no idea.

We ate lunch at a place we had eaten at in Kyoto two years ago, which I had an unspoken goal of finding again. It is called Saizeriya. It is supposed to be Japanese/French fusion. It is cheap, but at the same time they have wines in addition to their really cheap food. Their food is so delicious too! I love their Doria and Gratin, which is what they are known for. It is this dish of rice with cheese and meet sauce on top. So basically, it is spaghetti with rice not pasta. It is so crazy that I was able to eat here, because I couldn’t remember its name before. My friend was just like, “Oh can we eat here? It is cheap.”

I am so happy from my trip to Shimokitazawa, it feels like every time I go there everything seems to fall into place. Good food. Good shopping finds. I believe the combination of these two things makes the happiest of girls. If anyone is in Tokyo and wants to go somewhere hip and a little more laid back compared to Shibuya or Harajuku, I definitely recommend Shimokitazawa as the place to go!



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