2013 Spring Temple Japan

Saying Goodbye = Eating our Feelings

This lovely smiling lady is Rina, and she is pictured here receiving one sneak hug from behind from Jess. Rina lived on our floor in the Kitazano building and we became friends thanks to her decision one night to just knock on some doors and introduce herself. She’s really awesome and sweet and unfortunately for us, she just moved out!

IMG_5053fb  IMG_5047fb

We had a farewell dinner for Rina at a restaurant in Itabishi of Rina’s choosing. She picked a yakiniku restaurant, which means we barbecued our own food! The walls on the walk up the stairs feature images of dudes like this one, carrying/dancing with flames.

You start by ordering a plate of raw meat and vegetables. (Or if Rina is with you, she orders, because she’s wonderful.)
The next step is simply placing some food on the barbecue and letting it cook for a bit.
It’s fun and really delicious.
The only thing better than round 1 is round 2… or 3…
We got a nice farewell group picture together before Sora headed home.
Later we surprised Rina with a cake! It’s says “Valentine’s Day” because Valentine’s Day happened to be the next day… all the same it was delicious!

     IMG_5058fb  IMG_5061fb

Then Rina helped Jess make chocolates for her friend for Valentine’s Day. In Japan, women give men chocolate on Valentine’s Day and oftentimes they make the chocolate themselves.

IMG_5064fb  IMG_5069fb

It’s cool though because the men are supposed to return the favor on White Day, which occurs one month later and dictates that men are supposed to reciprocate with gift-giving.


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