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Spring Break Part 1: There’s More to AMS Than You Think

Spring Break is finally here on the Temple Roma campus! Everyone began Friday by jetting off to a few incredible locations around the continent. I was under the impression I would be staying back in Rome, but when the opportunity to take a weekend trip to Amsterdam fell in front of me, I booked the flight!


I absolutely love Amsterdam; this was actually my second trip to the gorgeous city. A lot of people think this city is summed up in Coffeehouses and the Red Light District; and yes, these are big draws, but it’s unfair to disregard what else Amsterdam has to offer. My first half of Spring Break 2013 was a blast and here’s why:

I traveled alone in order to meet up with a few friends in Holland. I’ve never done much on my own before, so this was an exciting experience. If study abroad has taught me anything, it’s a strong independence (and I love it!). I caught a connecting flight to Munich that proved to only increase my fear of flying (these planes are tiny). One hour layover? Kein problem! I found an airport pub and had a pretzel and lager while chatting with a very nice bartender.

IMG_2471 IMG_2475IMG_2469

I’m in love with Germany for the record, I can only hope to live here one day. It’s such a great country, and Munich is an incredibly modern and fun city. I need to plan a trip back for more than an hour soon.

Once I was on board for my flight to Amsterdam, I met a Dutch man who lived about 20 minutes north of the city. We chatted for the entire one hour flight and he taught me some key dutch phrases! He told me Amsterdam is known for it’s take on Chinese and Indonesian food and to definitely try it out. I took this to heart because if there’s one thing I’ve missed while in Rome, it’s various Asian food.

I landed in Holland and met up with Avery, Brian, and Tom at Amsterdam Centraal. Before we even checked in we ordered some famous fries from a side store. YUM!


We spent the night wandering around the city and enjoying the rowdy crowds!


Saturday we woke up and went for traditional pancakes at the famous Pannenkoekenhuis De Carrousel! I LOVE PANCAKES, and Amsterdam does them so well! You can get salty or sweet, and each one is delicious! I’d have to recommend enjoying one with an extra cold Heineken- it’s tradition! The chocolate milk is killer too, though!

IMG_2505 IMG_2542 IMG_2506

With full bellies, we walked across the street to visit the Official Heineken Factory for a tour of the brewery! This was my second time on the tour but it was still a blast. The tour is really well done and teaches you a lot of interesting facts behind the beer empire! It’s quite interactive and you get to meet some cool people from all over the world in the Bar lounge at the end.

IMG_2510 IMG_2508

As avid Starbucks lovers, Tom and I had to visit Holland’s flagship store! It was huge and even had a clover machine! Our barista was amazing and told us all about the store and their homemade chocolate chip cookies. They were bomb. we also snagged some stroopwaffles…YUM.

IMG_2554 IMG_2494


My last morning in Amsterdam was spent at my FAVORITE sandwich shop in probably the entire world. It’s a chain in Holland but uses only local and organic produce. I ordered their goat cheese and honey sandwich on rye currant and fig bread with a hand squeezed lemonade with mint. It tastes as amazing as it sounds, believe me!


Amsterdam is an incredibly beautiful, friendly, and exciting city that deserves a lot more credit than people give it! If you have the opportunity to visit, take it! You won’t regret the time you spend exploring the gorgeous canals and indulging in the delicious and varied cuisine. That being said, I’m happy to be back in Roma and can’t wait to spend a few more free days before classes begin again! Happy Spring Break, friends!

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