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It has recently come to my attention that today’s date is March 28th, 2013. That means that in less than a month I will be packed up, I will have said goodbye to my roomates for who knows how long, and I’ll be out of this beautiful city forever.

Cue screaming and crying and waving various sharp objects in the air.

Guys, I’m sorry. I know most of you in the States are living vicariously through me and are probably waiting for me to get home already. I think some of you even miss me (to which I respond- what is wrong with you?) . But this is gonna be bad. As in, expect really bad separation anxiety. I’m really not good at letting go. Of anything. I still hold high hopes that my sister and her kindergarten boyfriend will re-unite sometime in the future, Serendipity-style (THEY WERE CUTE TOGETHER OKAY). I haven’t accepted the fact that Pushing Daisies got canceled, and that happened, like, before I even started watching the show. I literally have had”Never Let Me Go” on my computer for like three years and I haven’t finished it yet because I never want to let it go.

So in order to ease myself into the idea that I will eventually have to go home and save myself the existentialist crisis, I’m going to take every Thursday until our last day to put together a playlist of songs that sum up my experiences in Rome so far. Some are in english, some in italian, but all are guaranteed to make you crave some carbonara. That way, anytime I’m homesick, I can just put on my headphones and relive the memories and adventures. And you can get a better idea of what it really feels like to be in Rome without having to read my ramblings. A new playlist will be up every week, and it will be a soundtrack of sorts to my last few weeks of school. Which means there’s ONLY FOUR TO GO.

Sigh. This is not gonna be pretty.

Listen to the playlist in full here, or check out the tracklist below. And remember to check back every Thursday for more music!

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1. Common People- Pulp

2. Dicono Di Me- Cesare Cremonini

3. Not Nineteen Forever- The Courteeners

4. Settle- Two Door Cinema Club

5 . Stardust- Hoagy Carmichael

6. O Mio Babbino Caro– Puccini

7. Postcards From Italy- Florence and the Machine + Beirut

8. Still Life- The Horrors

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