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Spring is finally here!!

So ever since we all got back from spring break, there has been hints here and there that spring is finally arriving. In this post, I figured I would share some of the gorgeous spring views that Rome has to offer as well as class activities we did this week.

IMG_5852Last Friday I noticed that the weather was supposed to be blue sky and around 65 degrees, so I planned my day out so that I could spend the afternoon in Villa Borghese (a huge park near the Temple building). As you can see the cherry blossoms were in full bloom and added a complimentary pop of color here and there. Also, along with me, it seemed as though everyone had the same idea and was having their own little picnic on the grass!

IMG_5863_1The day was just so beautiful I had to include more pictures of spring’s big appearance in Rome. Also, in the background of this photo is the typical Roman tree that has needles like a pine tree, except they are all at the top like a mushroom. The best part is that these trees are green year round so even in the dead of winter when we arrived, there was still green around us.

IMG_6048I also took the chance that beautiful day to fulfill my photography assignment of taking self-portraits. This was such a hard and awkward assignment because you would have to set the camera up on something and hit a timer before quickly running into the shot. On top of that, because it’s Rome, people are everywhere and I’m pretty sure I must have looked pretty funny completing this assignment!

IMG_6151The beautiful view in the background of the last photo was actually right in front of this favorite spot that I found with Dana the previous week. The grass grew up even higher than the last time I was here, and it added to the secluded ancient feel that I enjoyed so much.

IMG_6153So I decided to claim my spot here and read for the next hour just soaking up the sun and enjoying the beautiful view of the city that was displayed out in front of me, off in the distance.

IMG_6160For sketchbook class this week we met up outside of the Santa Maria Sopra Minerva. Here we sketched the mini piazza outside of the church that included the elephant obelisk with the Pantheon peaking though the buildings in the background.

IMG_6163Inside the Santa Maria Sopra Minerva we had the chance to do some more sketches of the arching structure. This church was particularly beautiful and unique because of the blue interior matched with gold detailing.

IMG_6167The next task assigned by our sketchbook teacher was to draw the statue displayed in front of us all. Even though it was a quick 15-minute sketch we were all relieved that there were benches around to sit in while drawing.

IMG_6238Later this week, for my photography class we met up at the Trevi Fountain. Since it was 9am it was a rare moment that we actually weren’t surrounded by crowds of people. We took advantage of this time by sitting on the wall and looking off into the great beauty, which is that of the Trevi Fountain. Unfortunately, it wasn’t even 15 minutes before the crowds began to form. Regardless, I most certainly felt blessed that I had these few quiet moments!

IMG_6360The assignment given by our photography teacher was to search around the Trevi Fountain for reflection pictures that included the structure as well as the crowds. In a store window surrounding the fountain I found this neat little reflection that I think portrayed it all.

IMG_6375Last but not least, our photography teacher took us to a museum right next to the Capitoline building. Up on one of the upper levels there was a balcony that we chilled on and got the opportunity to take pictures of the amazing view that unfolded in front of us.

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