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A Happy Birthday Roma Playlist

Finals? WHAT FINALS?!?!?!?

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Partly because I know how much everyone loves this time of year and mostly because I want to procrastinate on my Italian final (KILL ME), I’ve decided to compile this week’s playlist consisting entirely of Italian songs in the hopes that I will develop the ability for fluency through osmosis. Maybe if I blast Pavarotti enough times I’ll actually know how to conjugate subjunctive verbs? And perhaps if I listen to “Viva Garibaldi” I will have actually understood the entire Risorgimento revolution? PLEASE?

Appropriately enough, this weekend marks the 2,766th birthday of the founding of Rome. In that vein, I present you with this week’s pickings. From opera to europop, and from jazz to film scores: here are ten of the best songs to dance, cry, and sing off-key to while you pop some champagne (because you’re legal here, whoo-hoo) and toast Rommulus and Remus.

Those gosh darned Italians. They don’t look a day over 2,765.


Listen to the playlist in full HERE and don’t forget to check back next week for more music!



In Via Veneto- La Dolce Vita

Bella Ciao- Yves Montand

Via Con Me- Paolo Conte

Ave Maria- Luciano Pavarotti

Hello!- Cesare Cremonini ft. Malika Ayane

Studentessa Universitaria– Simone Cristicchi

Guarda Che Luna- Fred Buscaglione

The Godfather Waltz- Nino Rota, The Godfather Original Soundtrack

E Lucevan Le Stele- Placido Domingo

La Vita E Bella-  La Vita e Bella: Original Soundtrack

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