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Just Another Day in Roma

Picture this: it’s the last weekend in Rome. You have about ten pounds of laundry to do, a research paper on the fall of the Italian liberal state, and no less than five finals to cram for, al due in the next three days. How do you deal with the stress?

You accidentally stumble upon an entire platoon of Roman gladiators while reading your Mythology textbook. CAN I GET A “WHEN IN ROME” Y’ALL?!?!

Yeah, I hate myself too sometimes.

Anyway, with the whole city celebrating it’s 2,766th anniversary, the annual parade in honor of the founding of Rome made its way around the Colosseum and the Aurelian wall this past Sunday. And it. Was. Awesome. Seriously, this was no dinky 4th of July parade, y’all. Representing all the social groups within the Roman empire, including the Vestal virgins, the gladiators, and even the Germanic tribes, the people of Rome BROUGHT IT. I could go on, but I’m lazy and they say a picture’s worth a thousand words, so I’m just going to turn photojournalist for a day and show, not tell. Get ready for gladiators, crazy ancient drapery, and plenty of Game of Thrones lookalikes. And I thought my 21st birthday was a big deal.

The original hunger games
The mother of all mullets
Winter is coming… lol jk it’s spring and we’re shirtless.
Fierce, fast, fabulous
Why is Jeremy Renner in this parade? GET OUT.
Then at one point some idiot with a car accidentally drove through the parade. To your left you see a common feature: Italian pedestrians screaming at inanimate objects on wheels.
“Don’t look at me”
This could either look really adorable or really terrifying
Apollo’s homiez
I don’t even know what this is okay.

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