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Just another normal week drawing at the Colosseum

IMG_7037For sketchbook class this week we had the privilege of being on site around the Colosseum area! On this beautiful day we first began drawing this famous arch!

IMG_7038As we were sitting near the Colosseum I was still in shock, even after so many months here, that I was actually just chilling in such a timeless area sketching!

IMG_7039Something our teacher had us focus on was capturing the famous Roman umbrella pine trees that are such a common site now to us! Over the past few months I have come to grow quite fond of these unique trees and I’m pretty sure I’m going to miss them when I leave.

IMG_7043We got to take on the Colosseum lastly, but taking it from a slightly different angle than normal, incorporating the park in the foreground. I would say this drawing was quite bittersweet as I realized that this would be the last onsite drawing I would get to do here in Rome for sketchbook class, but for sure we were going out with a bang!

IMG_7094Long talked about since we first arrived in Rome, this past Wednesday marked the night of the “Jam Session” show. Basically this was a much more lively and upbeat version of a talent show for any Temple Rome student to participate in as well as some local Italians.

IMG_7096Super pumped and excited for this show, I sat with some people from my Italian class as we laughed and just enjoyed what was being presented in front of us!

IMG_7099Ahhhh Gianni! He was the hysterical host of our show, as shown wearing a crazy wig here in this picture. Gianni has always led many events here at Temple Rome and has been an enthusiastic guide for us all this semester! It was only right to have him host one of the main events that marks the end of this journey.

IMG_7124Our Italian teacher made us all attempt to sing “Grazie Roma” during the talent show while a slideshow of us fellow students experiencing this great city played in the background. Our teacher made us get up in front everyone for this because it was directed towards our Dean as a thank you for all the years he has put into Temple Rome, since he was leaving after this semester.

IMG_7141One night this past weekend I was sitting in my room painting and all of a sudden I heard all these banging loud noises coming from outside. Startled, I ran out to see what it was and was pleasantly surprised to see a firework show happening right over the hill!

IMG_7163Oh the theme of my weekend unfortunately: watercolor paintings and more painting. My finals for my watercolor class were due on Monday and I had to complete two fairly large compositions in under a week. Needless to say, nothing better than Twix and my iPod to get me through it all! J

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