2013 Spring Temple Japan


In February I started to work as a conversation host at an English conversation café in Shibuya. English cafés provide a way for customers to get experience with the English language by having casual conversations in English with native or highly proficient English speakers. This is an alternative to formal English lessons in a typical classroom or private lesson experience. Every now and then I’d pick up a 3-4 hour shift and work at Alpha after class or on a weekend.  It was a really interesting opportunity for me because it was a unique way to spend time chatting with the Japanese customers and learning about their lives, thoughts and interests.


I think the most customers I’ve had at a table at once was five. In the back, instructors host private English lessons.


One Saturday, Alpha held a picnic in Yoyogi Park, which provided a fun way to bond with other customers and others that work at Alpha.


Hanging out with some customers at an Alpha picnic in Yoyogi Park. IMG_0651

We did some Alpha bonding by picnic-ing, hanging out and playing a frisbee game of keep away. IMG_0715IMG_0668IMG_0814IMG_0819

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