2013 Spring Temple Japan

Annual Student Art Exhibition and TUJ Film Festival

April 12th was a big day for events on TUJ’s campus because it was the first day of the year’s Annual Student Art Exhibition. My photography class headed over to check out the show. There were snacks and there was art of all kinds – photography, drawing, painting, sculpture and graphic art. Afterwards, some of us headed to the TUJ Film Festival. It was really fun to spend the night checking out the work that different students in TUJ had produced.

IMG_0594IMG_0590IMG_0512IMG_0586IMG_0505IMG_0574 IMG_0572IMG_0520IMG_0524IMG_0550IMG_0549 IMG_0551IMG_0548IMG_0555IMG_0552IMG_0558IMG_0531IMG_0528IMG_0562IMG_0587IMG_0504IMG_0568IMG_0578IMG_0579IMG_0581 IMG_0582IMG_0595IMG_0602 IMG_0598IMG_0603

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