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Living in a foodie’s paradise

WARNING: The following entry might send you careening towards your nearest bakery or restaurant. Remember, the bakers and chefs are your friends.

I’ve died and gone to food heaven. How many times has that phrase been used in life? Tons, but keep reading friends, you’ll see why it fits. For one thing, because it’s true. This place is where every foodie will adore. If you’re someone like me who simply eats to live, you’ll also appreciate the culinary aspects of Paris. I have to say that eating has not always been one my favorite activities in the world. (cue sharp intakes of breath) I’m no food hater, I just can’t cook very well and over time it’s caused me not to enjoy eating that much. My cooking ability is limited to scrambled eggs, french toast, and pasta, if I’m feeling fancy.  Responses to my cooking usually don’t go smoothly, so over the years I’ve chosen not to subject people to it. It’s taken me some time to realize this but here are a few indicators that you don’t have a talent for cooking,  1: Someone tries your food but says nothing until you ask them, their voice goes up about 3 octaves as they say, “Yeah, it was good”, nothing more nothing less. 2: The next brave soul takes a few bites, doesn’t finish, assures you that it’s good, but they’ve eaten already. 3: You decide once and for all to test out whether or not cooking is for you with the most honest, most unapologetic people you can find, people who are unable to mask their feelings towards anything (my family). By this point they’ve caught wind of your failed attempts but they give it a try anyway because they love you. They give you a “that was one of the worst things I’ve ever tasted” face and you finally realize that cooking is something you’ll do out of desperation rather than enjoyment. Yes, it’s that bad but I’ve learned to live with it. I like food and all, but at this point eating has become something I have to do in order to survive and usually the process is rushed. This is not the case in Paris, food is an event, a very enjoyable one. I’ve been experiencing the joy of eating and it’s been delicious!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

This city probably has more cafes than schools and hospitals combined, nobody’s complaining, certainly not me. I’m here for another four weeks and could probably go to a new cafe everyday. At some point, you’ll find yourself having to choose between a variety of different courses, what should you do? Order something random each course (if you can afford it) and go along for the ride!  After all, if you have a positive outlook you probably won’t hate it. Just a bit of a heads up to those who are adventurous, I’m sure you’re well versed, but ‘foie gras’ directly translates to fatty liver, it’s usually duck or goose liver, made under special conditions. This dish, I’ve been told is delicious. Unfortunately, I don’t eat meat so I can’t say for sure whether it’s tasty or not. All I can say is go for it, how often are you even in the city of light? Unless you’re a Kardashian or a Windsor, in which case, thanks for reading my blog! On to more affordable matters, supermarches. First things first, Monoprix, Franprix, Carrefour, and Dia (if you can find one), are your friends, just like that previously mentioned baker that stood in the way of you and your baked goods. Treat them as you would a Target, Wal-Mart, Wawa or 7-Eleven, except with gourmet cheeses. They come in handy after a weekend when you completely forget that money conversions were a thing and are running low on funds.



                Next up, desserts! Try macarons, these little gems are filled with either jam or butter cream in between two biscuit-like cookies, you won’t be disappointed! Croissants are so standard that I have no doubt that they will be tried and subsequently adored. Pain au chocolate, can you say paradise in a pastry? The perfect ratio of chocolate to croissant, have fun! Millefeuilles are the best pastry I’ve had, you might not feel the same, but hey, I never said this blog was unbiased. Oh and another thing, crêpes!, try them every which way you can. I personally recommend the kinder flavor but it’s kinda hard to find. There’s a nook on the corner of St. Michel and St. Germain that has a bunch of eating places as well as shops, you have to walk a little deeply inside said nook to find the creperie that has kinder flavored crêpes. Sounds sketchy but it’s really not, the owner’s pretty cool too.  If you’re not into crêpes you might enjoy a nice gaufre (waffle), yeah they’re delicious, go for it! As a matter of fact, try both, with Nutella, do it! Nutella, is probably what sustains France’s economy. It has the power to end every argument,  political debate, and divorce. Witnessing a brawl? Hurl some Nutella in between the opponents and see what happens. You might just end a fight. It’s that good. Well, this is pretty abrupt but I have a jar of Nutella making eyes at me, until next time, Salut mes potes!

-Stephanie Dalce


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