2014 Spring Brianna Fonti External Programs United Kingdom

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

While I cannot ascertain the validity of this claim, I do miss the occasional sun-filled day back in the homeland. True to popular belief, Britain is notorious for being quite rainy! Although the odds of me waking up to a beautiful sunrise are slim to none, I have to say that based off the experience of my first week in Glasgow, the future is looking bright! The ominous skies and eerie crows that lurk around the city at first creeped me out, but now make me feel as if I am a character in some mysterious British novel! And I have to admit, I love the character that I’ve been scripted as.


Being a student at what Buzzfeed has quoted, “The most beautiful campus in the world,” has been a whirlwind so far.  I don’t believe I will ever tire of my 10 minute walk to campus, in which I cross over a river and see what can only be described as the closest tangible relative to the Hogwarts castle!  Unfortunately, none of my classes are in the ineffably beautiful and archaic building, but I have been informed that finals are held there. So while I’ll inevitably be a jumble of nerves during that time of the semester, at least I’ll be a nervous wreck in an incredible castle!


One thing that I didn’t expect to encounter was a significant language barrier between the locals and myself.  I mean, I specifically picked to study in Scotland because the primary language used was English.  But I have to admit, this Glaswegian accent has proved to be quite difficult to decipher.  Growing up in New York I’ve conversed with a fair share of fast speaking people, but the Glaswegians put New Yorkers to shame.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to ask people to repeat themselves; I even had difficulty ordering a sandwich from Subway.  However, the linguist in me is so fascinated by this distinct dialect and the trilled [r] that all the Scots use, that the language barrier hardly bothers me.  However, I do hope that I start picking up on the common terminology.  For instance, over here when someone says, “Look, there’s a barney,” don’t be on the lookout for the lovable purple dinosaur, but rather for the breakout of a fight!

So as I continue on with this 5 month adventure that I have been blessed enough to participate in, I’ve adopted this popular mantra, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” A pretty apt saying to adopt based on the weather predicament I often find myself in. Life is going to be throwing things my way that I could have never imagined, forcing me to step outside my comfort zone and venture into unknown territory.  Some of these things will test and challenge me, some may be initially unbearably uncomfortable, but I’m willing to adapt and learn to welcome each new experience with open arms and an unbiased mind.  I mean that’s what studying abroad is all about, becoming more cultured and understanding how vast and diverse the world truly is.

With that being said, I cannot wait to keep you guys posted about my new life here in Glasgow, Scotland! So until next time, guid cheerio the nou (Good-bye)!

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