2014 Spring Lucas Rodgers Temple in Spain

Las Estatuas de Oviedo

Oviedo is home to many great works of art, such as sculptures and statues that can be found in every corner of the city.


This statue, sculpted by Eduardo Úrculo, is commonly known as ‘The Traveler’ but its official title is ‘El Regreso [Return] de Williams B. Arrensberg.’ The story behind the statue is a bit of a mystery because apparently Úlrculo never revealed who exactly Mr. Arrensberg was.


A statue of King Alfonso II stands outside the Cathedral of San Salvador. Alfonso II was the King of Asturias from 791-842.


This sculpture depicts the Asturian custom of el escanciado de la sidra (pouring of the cider). Asturian cider is bottled naturally, so waiters will hold the bottle high above the glass and slowly pour the cider to allow it to aerate.


Dr. Manuel Avello Fernández was a journalist and professor who became the official chronicler of Oviedo. His bust was sculpted by Vicente Menéndez Santarúa.


Officially titled ‘La Maternidad’ (Maternity), this sculpture by Fernando Botero is commonly referred to as ‘La Gorda.’ It’s a great meeting point because it’s easily recognizable, and it’s located at La Plaza de la Escandalera, which is near the center of Oviedo.


This life-sized statue of Woody Allen was sculpted by Vicente Menéndez Santarúa after Allen won the Prince of Asturias award in 2002. Allen spent time in Oviedo during the filming of ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona.’


‘La Bailarina’, by Santiago de Santiago, is a bit more abstract than most of the other sculptures in Oviedo, but no less appealing.


Several sculptures, such as this one, adorn the fields and walkways of the San Francisco Park in Oviedo.


The ‘Culis Monumentalibus,’ commonly referred to as ‘El Culo’ is another sculpture by Eduardo Úrculo.


‘La Lechera’ by Manuel Garcia Linares depicts a milk maid in traditional garb.

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