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New Student Orientation Outing: Ice Skating at Toshimaen

The day of the orientation outing was a fun and charming event! To begin, my breakfast: a curry-filled pastry that was warm and delicious and crunchy. This was probably the best thing I’ve eaten so far.


We walked to the station to transfer to the JR trains, which travel on the above-ground tracks. So far the weather has been very nice, sunny and around 40°F.


Toshimaen is an amusement park in Nerima, Tokyo, that has a variety of roller coasters and rides. In the Winter, the most exciting attraction is the ice rink.


It was beautiful during sunset!


There was a happy crowd at the rink; it was a great clear winter evening.


Toshimaen is a family park, so there were plenty of adorable children with their happy families enjoying the rink.


Skating is a surprisingly great way to get to know people, especially when there is a need for a shoulder or two.


As the sun went further down, there were lights revealed on all of the trees and buildings.


Night fell and suddenly the park was completely lit up!


After returning to the dorms, we hit the vending machines for a much-needed hot chocolate. In Japan, the variety of hot beverages is impressive, especially the hot ginger ale!


And finally, a casual dinner:


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