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Chinese New Year in Yokohama Chinatown


To bring in the Year of the Horse, we headed down to Asia’s largest Chinatown (outside of China, of course): Yokohama, Japan.


Yokohama is riddled with dark side streets lined with great restaurants, constantly surprising us at every turn.


While we missed the majority of the traditional dragon dances, we caught a glimpse at the end. The dance is performed outside of stores and restaurants in hopes of bringing luck for the community.


Chinatown was hypnotizing with endless color and decoration everywhere we looked. It was beautiful and bright, especially after sundown.


After strolling for a while and smelling the amazing aromas wafting out of the countless restaurants, we began to get hungry.


There was an overwhelming amount of choices, most notably was this display of shark-fin soup!


We settled for dumplings instead of mysterious sharkmeat. There was a massive steamer outside of this restaurant that we just couldn’t pass up.


After stuffing ourselves with dumplings, we had to satisfy the sweet tooth. Street food is plentiful, especially for jin deui:  a fried Chinese pastry made of rice flour, usually filled with sweet bean paste.


The pastry is covered in sesame seeds for a pleasant crunchiness. It’s delicious when it’s fresh and warm!


Out of all of our experiences during the Chinese New Year, just the slow exploration of the area was the most exciting. Fortune telling was a popular venue in the neighborhood.


And just when we thought we had gotten used to Yokohama, we suddenly were audience to an impressive car show!  A happy new year indeed.

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