2014 Spring Lucas Rodgers Temple in Spain

Subida al Cristo

During our first weekend in Oviedo, we hiked up Monte Naranco to see the huge statue of Jesus Christ, which is officially called the ‘Monument to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.’


(Left to right) Mike, Becky, Nate and Shannon stand outside a supermarket near the base of Monte Naranco, where we stopped to pick up drinks and snacks for the hike.


El Cristo stands in the distant horizon. The statue can be seen from just about anywhere in Oviedo with a clear view of the mountain.


The trail to el Cristo winds through the woods and up along the mountain.


We took a break at Santa María del Naranco, a Roman Catholic church which is located roughly halfway up the mountain.


The church’s doors were closed, but we still had a chance to explore its exterior.


There is a road that leads all the way to the top of the mountain, for those who would prefer to drive to el Cristo.


After an exhausting hike, we made it to the top, and everyone was eager to take advantage of the great photo opportunity.


El Cristo is one of Oviedo’s famous landmarks. The stylized cross mounted on the pedestal is similar to the one depicted in Asturias’s flag.


The summit of Monte Naranco offers a spectacular view of the city of Oviedo.


It was nice to relax for a while at the top of the mountain, before we began the descent back to Oviedo.

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