2014 Spring Lucas Rodgers Temple in Spain

La Universidad de Oviedo

Oviedo University has several campuses throughout the city, but all Temple students attend classes at the Campus de El Milán, which is dedicated to the Humanities majors.


I live with my host mom and host sister on the second floor of this apartment building, which is only about a five minute walk to the university, lucky for me.


I can see some of the buildings of Oviedo University basically right after I walk out of my door, and head to the corner of the street I live on, la Calle Teniente Alfonso Martinez.


After crossing the street, I’m welcomed by this sign, before heading up the stairs, to the other side of campus.


This big building contains the library. Before our classes began, we all had to take a placement exam inside. Apart from that, I haven’t spent much time in there so far, but I imagine I’ll be utilizing the library’s resources a bit more, as the semester goes on.


All of our classes are held here in la Casa de las Lenguas (House of Languages). There are many other international students, from all over the world that attend classes here as well.


Jaime Durán, our program director and an Oviedo native, teaches a Directed Readings Literature course, the only class that’s exclusively open to Temple students. The course material includes an overview of medieval Spanish literature as well as readings from contemporary Spanish literature.


Other parts of the El Milán Campus can be seen from the entrance to la Casa de las Lenguas. The yellow buildings in the distance house some administrative offices and classrooms for courses in social sciences.


The basement floor of the university contains a cafeteria, complete with outdoor seating.


El Campus de El Milán also has a small park, along with a fountain and a pond. It’s a nice place to relax in between classes.


I usually take these stairs when I’m leaving the university to go home. The sky bridge here connects an administrative building to the main building with other classrooms for humanities courses.

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