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Eating Our Way through Tokyo: Okonomiyaki


Another day, another amazing meal. This time we tried Okonomiyaki, a savory “pancake” dish that is cooked at the table on a flat griddle.


The bowl that contained a combination of cabbage, egg, and tiny little shrimp was mixed together to create a yummy batter. Then, the mix was poured and cooked right there!


There is an incredible amount of variety in toppings and Okonomiyaki types. I was very impressed with the skills of the waiter! The staff was very friendly and forgiving of our broken Japanese.


He even let us flip the pancakes.


Or, at least, we attempted to. Usually there is a point where the expert has to step in to make the results as delicious as possible.


This one was especially delicious. It is yakisoba, i.e. fried soba noodles covered in batter and egg!


Each flip was very exciting; it smelled incredible and we were starving after a long day of walking around.


I was amazed at these minuscule shrimp, they were delicious!


And the final result: incredible okonomiyaki drizzled in sweet, savory sauce and delicious mayonnaise. I am definitely trying to repeat this meal sometime soon.


It’s perfect for group outings, a true Japanese family-style meal.

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