2014 Spring Brianna Fonti External Programs United Kingdom

Wait, so there’s a study component to study abroad?

A month and a half in and the illusion that I am on a 5 month vacation has faded, and I finally understand why this process is called “study” abroad.  Roaming the city without a care in the world and frequenting pubs on the daily became my way of life, and with the minimal workload, the fun times were rolling. However this transient period of hedonism, has sadly come to an end.  With a looming paper deadline, I became very well acquainted with the library and had a newfound appreciation of the free printing offered back home at Temple. I even spent almost the entirety of a Saturday confined to the prison walls of the library, a misfortunate experience indeed!

Although the scenery has changed, it is much to my chagrin that my egregious procrastination habits have traveled with me.  The paper was due February 17th at 4:45 and with great speed and determination I made it there at 4:38.  Some may consider that irresponsible and perhaps reckless, both adjectives that I wouldn’t completely disagree with in this case.  But as I like to think of it, I live for the thrill; the thrill of not knowing whether you’ll make it on time and the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment you get when you just make the deadline. Talk about an adrenaline rush; an adrenaline rush mixed with a whole bunch of anxiety and disappointment with myself for not starting the assignment early.  However, in my case procrastination is like this incorrigible condition with no remedy in sight, so I’ve just adopted the philosophy, “Why do what you can do today, when you can push it off until tomorrow.”  Except of course in the case of traveling and taking advantage of this once in a lifetime experience.  When adventuring is the topic at hand, I try to cram in as many events as humanly possible!

The essay writing process was definitely a little different from back home.  The prompt required me to use U.K. English as opposed to U.S. English.  The use of z’s is so anomalous in U.K. English, and for some reason they always add “u” to words like “colour.” So adjustments needed to be made.  I should be getting the grade in about 3 weeks time, so I’ll keep everyone posted, well that is of course contingent upon whether or not the grade is worth sharing. I’ve heard it’s near impossible to receive an A here unless your paper is worthy of publication, so here’s hoping that someone sees the merit in my work!

This past week I also attended a gym class for the first time.  Yoga seemed like a reasonable means for stress alleviation, however my susceptibility to sporadic and constant toe cramps definitely hampered my ability to achieve full relaxation.  The class was enjoyable though.  The Glaswegian accent in itself is such a rough around the edges accent. Couple that with the relaxed and calm tone required for yoga, definitely made for an interesting experience.

Unfortunately due to my hermit status in the past week, I have no new pictures of the beautiful country of Scotland, so I’ll just include some from my duration of the trip to hold everyone over unlike my outdoor adventures commence once again! Image

The Edinburgh castle at night, ominous yet alluring


The famous Elephant House, a quaint coffee shop where J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter
Left my mark in the elephant room, I’m not a diehard Harry Potter fan but the movies were definitely an integral part of my childhood.
This is my vacuum Henry, doesn’t that smiling face make the task of cleaning a little less intimidating?

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