2014 Spring Lucas Rodgers Temple in Spain

Adventures in Gijón

Last week, the Erasmus Student Network hosted a trip to the Gijón Aquarium, which is home to a diverse array of marine animals. We also had a chance to check out some other parts of the city.


“Las Letronas” de Gijón, sculpted by Juan Jareño welcome visitors to the marina.


Gijón is an industrial port-city located roughly 20 miles northwest of Oviedo. It takes about a half hour to get there via bus.


(Left to right) Luke and Manny climbed atop this wall at the beach.


Chuck takes a picture of (left to right) Ridge, Mary, Lauren and Sophie, at a platform overlooking the beach.


As a port-city, Gijón has it’s fair share of boats, some of which are used for fishing or shipping, others just for leisure.


Gijón’s central plaza features a statue of King Pelagius (Pelayo in Spanish), the nobleman who founded the Kingdom of Asturias.


(Left to right) Lashida, Emily and Manny walk up a hill to reach a lookout point near the sea.


Octopus, or ‘pulpo’ is a traditional dish in Gijón, but this guy doesn’t have to worry about winding up on a dinner plate.


The largest tank in the Gijón Aquarium houses sharks, rays, sea turtles and several types of fish.


The Church of San Pedro sits in the Bay of San Lorenzo, right next to the beach.

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