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Exploring Tokyo: Daikanyama

An upscale neighborhood with a relaxing atmosphere and a wide array of luxury shops and residencies, Daikanyama is one of Tokyo’s trendiest areas.


Daikanyama displays some excellent examples of Japanese design, not just in the gorgeous products sold in the stores but also in the famous architecture.


Home to Maki Fumihiko’s Hillside Terrace complex, this area is an example of the successful concepts of Metabolist urban planning theories of “group form.” In this notion, architectural design is used to provide an all-inclusive series of buildings that enhance the surrounding area.


TUJ’s architecture students were thrilled to explore the neighborhood.


Each building is more beautiful than the next, especially on a day with such gorgeous weather.


As we strolled on the lovely spring day, we stumbled upon a trendy street-wear store that also happened to make an amazing cappuccino! Not only that, but the back of the commercial space opened into a great wood patio.


We were in heaven. The atmosphere of Daikanyama is relaxing and warm; it’s a perfect place to spend an afternoon of happy walking.


The view was a treat, and it was a perfect place to rest our legs.


Daikanyama oozes chicness, making it one of the best places to experience the trendy and luxurious culture of Tokyo without any stuffiness.


Street art and stickers dot each corner and sign, providing a satisfying juxtaposition with the bourgeois neighborhood. It is a perfect blend of street culture and high style.

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