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Last Week of the Term

I find it quite unbelievable that I am writing this blog during the last week of the spring term! Well let’s not forget about the impending May finals, well actually let’s forget about them for a while to avoid eliciting any premature anxiety! So this Wednesday I will attend my last lecture here at the University of Glasgow and all I can think is, where has the time gone! It feels as if only yesterday I was glued to my iphone consulting with Googlemaps on how to get from one classroom to another. And now, people ask me for directions and about 50% of the time I can appropriately direct them! I know the statistic doesn’t predict any tour guide profession in the future, but I’m proud of myself for learning the ways around this amazing city of mine.


Last week I handed in my final, and only, paper for my Scottish culture class. And I have to say I feel pretty well versed in Scottish affairs, even landing myself the coveted role of Sean Connery on the Buzzfeed: How Scottish are you? quiz. If that doesn’t solidify my status as a true Scot, I don’t know what else will!  In my paper, I talked about Scottish emigration and how the people of Scotland carried their culture with them wherever they went. I even included a quote from the revered philanthropist Andrew Carnegie who said, “America would have been a poor show if not for the Scotch.” I’m cannot aver with certainty whether he was referring to the emigrants themselves or the bountiful cases of whiskey they brought with them, but either way I think this quote perfectly exemplifies the influence the Scots had on the world.


Generally accustomed to a spring break consisting of one week, I was completely baffled when I saw that we had a month off for Easter Holidays. So with inspiration and a money-conscious mind I couldn’t wait to start planning trips all around Europe. Now, with spring break only a week away I can’t say that all my plans are finalized but, I’ve some incredible plans set in stone!

This Saturday I embark on a week long stay in the beautiful country of Spain. Although I doubt it’s time to whip out the bathing suits, I am definitely looking forward to the overwhelming presence of the sun and hopefully getting a little color into these pasty cheeks of mine! Most of our trip will be spent in the percolating city of Barcelona. As a girl who has been mistaken for Spanish on countless occasions, I knew that learning to speak the language would behoove me. Unfortunately, that particular endeavor is on my bucket list and yet to be accomplished. I am hoping that the language barrier won’t prove to be too much of an issue during my trip!


In mid-April I will be meeting up with my uncle and sister in London, where we’ll attempt to put on our best British accent and then, become complete tourists! I absolutely cannot wait for this trip, as its been around 3 months since I’ve seen any family members, well besides through the computer screen. I can’t wait to ride the London eye, take an iconic Abbey Road picture, and taunt the soldiers at Buckingham Palace. But most of all, I can’t wait to be able to buy my 18 year old sister her first legal alcoholic beverage. I sincerely hope that that aspect being the part I look most forward to doesn’t speak to badly of my character! Actually, I cannot wait to go on the Harry Potter tour. I’m not going to sit here and pretend to be a diehard Potterhead, but I am quite a fan of the movies and would love to get to see items from the sets. However, my sister Andrea specifically told me that I will be the biggest loser at the tour because I do not possess a wand. I don’t think her usage of loser was correct in this particular context, but she made me well aware that I will indeed be out of my element!



Now for another installment of the demotic Scottish phrase of the week: “chuffed.” Chuffed is a word used to denote feeling pleased due to an accomplishment or situation. Here is a sample sentence, “I am chuffed that spring break starts at the end of this week, and that my brain has a one month break from school.”

Cannot wait to keep everyone up to date as I venture across Europe and the U.K.! Until next time!

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