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Contemporary Art in Tokyo

Yesterday my modern Japanese art class traveled to one of the most essential locations for contemporary art in Japan. Located in the Kiyosumi area of Tokyo prefecture, this industrial building houses the Taka Ishii Gallery, Hiromi Yoshii, Magical Artroom, ShugoArts and the Tomio Koyama Gallery.




While the outside of the building was pretty inconspicuous, the street art definitely suggested creative activity.




Entering the building revealed how industrial the space was. The first floor was filled with boxes of fine art.




We entered the elevator to the galleries, which was covered in art posters and ads for upcoming shows. It was a massive elevator, definitely designed to bring huge pieces up to the exhibitions. I really enjoyed the way the building enhanced the rugged, factory-like processes of setting up an art show.




After stepping out of the elevator, we arrived at the first floor of galleries. The space was simple and minimal, perfect for contemporary art.




There were around 3 – 4 galleries per floor, each an intimate space showcasing a single artist.




The range of work was amazing! This exhibit by Teppei Kaneuji in the ShugoArts gallery was especially interesting, as you can see.





We are so lucky to be able to experience the art and culture we discuss in class; it’s such a pleasure to be in Tokyo.





Each gallery had something different. The small room sizes and the variety of work provided something for everyone.




The trip was fantastic. Afterwards, we had the rest of the Saturday to enjoy the warm Spring weather!



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