2014 Spring Lucas Rodgers Temple in Spain

Spring is Coming

Well, technically it’s already here … but the weather can’t seem to make up its mind. We’ve had some nice warm days recently, but also several cold and rainy ones.


On one of the warmer days, a few of us enjoyed an afternoon at Parque de Invierno (Winter Park). This park has a lot of open green spaces; it’s a great spot for jogging or taking the dog for a walk.


Ridge poses in a tree at the park. Although climbing trees can be a great workout, the locals usually stick to more traditional forms of exercise.


There’s also a small stadium, right next to Parque de Invierno, that a nearby school uses for track and field events.


This abandoned building used to be a dormitory for workers at an arms factory on the same property, but it has since fallen out of use.


The pedestrian bridge going across the highway offers a great view looking into the Oviedo skyline.


This is a sign post for el Camino de Santiago (the Way/Trail of Santiago) located at Parque Camino de Santiago in the western part of Oviedo. El Camino de Santiago is a Christian pilgrimage route that dates as far back as the 9th century. The trail can begin from any number of locations in Europe, and ultimately ends at the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, a city in the autonomous region of Galicia, west of Asturias.


This is towards the western edge of Oviedo, with roads leading out of the city. Any peregrinos (pilgrims) of el Camino de Santiago would end up walking in this general direction if they decided to come through Oviedo.


The Spanish word for peacock is ‘pavo real’ which basically means ‘royal turkey.’ Parque San Francisco is home to several pavos reales that roam the grounds and occasionally even fly onto a roof or a tree branch.


This ancient arch is the last remnant of a bygone era that still stands in the park, and now coexists with the daily happenings of the modern age.


During the weeknights, the streets of the old quarter are quiet and empty: a stark contrast to the weekends, when the streets are filled with crowds of people traveling from one bar to another throughout the entire night.

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